Friday, September 24, 2021

Friday, What? Corona?

 I remember when a Corona was just a ritzy beer and as I don't drink it never occurred to me to be concerned. Now Corona just means trouble. 

Ya'll know I had that terrible headache on Wednesday, and then the joint flare, and the exhaustion. I just went to bed early Wednesday and I had a pretty typical day yesterday, but was just moving slower, as I was in pain.  A couple of times when I got up to help a client I FELT A LITTLE LIGHT HEADED AND HAD A VERY HEAVY CHEST.  But I ignored it as I ignore most things that have to do with my health, after all when one lives with and autoimmune disorder for as long as I have, you just can't jump every time you have a symptom. 

So after getting the wedding dress done and another dress, Hubs comes into the shop and says he has some bad news. His mother's long term covid test came back positive.  She had a mild break through infection even though vaccinated which is happening all over this county.  We have one rest home where 77 workers all vaccinated, 33 are covid positive.  Now all have mild cases, but still sick and not able to work. So now every weird symptom I have had makes sense. I immediately put on a mask to greet all clients and will wear a mask if I go anywhere.  Have not decided whether to go get tested, but we will see how I feel.  I have had terrible night sweats, but that is also a sign of a flare. However my wrist is better today, it still does not feel good to open and close my hand but definitely less pain. I am grateful.

In spite of all of this I cooked dinner, and I did get my quota done yesterday, just took it easy last night and did a little picking up.

Today I have to get a couple of things done,as far as cooking.  I need to make a bean hotdish as I have the burger thawed out, and I also need to make chicken enchiladas to use up the chicken I pulled from the freezer and I want to make a quiche to use up those egg yokes I also pulled from the freezer.  

I cancelled to nights dinner with friends as I felt that until I know whether I have the virus, although when I called the clinic they just said to mask up and wait. I is not fair to them if I exposed my friends and I do not want to wear a mask all through our time together.

When I went to see my family doctor on Tuesday, he told me the virus was much worse here than it has ever been and that the Delta variant was mutating causing all the break through infections.  Although he also said I needed to get a booster in November. Those with break through infections have not been hospitalized, just sick.  But unvaccinated  people are dieing in droves here and families are actually listing this as a cause of death now and they were not before.

The leaders of our church were all vaccinated, and we have all been urged to get the vaccine by them.  They called the vaccine a miracle and a gift.  Also you cannot work in our temples without a vaccine.  JUST yesterday an edict came down that no one would be getting a medical exemption from the church and again stressing getting the vaccine. We all have to go back to masks in our Temples.

 The Pope has also encouraged the vaccine and is trying to put aside rumors about the vaccine. I MEAN COME ON PEOPLE LISTEN TO A Prophets Voice and hear the word of God.  Listen to the Pope he is the voice piece of your heavenly father on earth. Why do we have these evangelical leaders if we don't listen to them? Okay my rant is done now.


1. fix a dress for a client 

2. hem 4 pairs of pants

3. hem a  bridesmaid dress

4. hem a bridesmaid dress

5. hem a bridesmaid dress

By the way all the wedding dresses in the shop are done the last should go out today, and there are 5 more bridesmaid dresses to hem, but I had three homecoming dresses come in yesterday and more coming on Monday.  I will also get in a couple more wedding dresses next week.  I am not concerned now as I am sure if I stick to my guns I can catch up, it is the piles I am now worried about as they are bad, and taking over. It is always something.

I had better get to work, What are you going to do this weekend? Anything fun?  Slug's is at Sis's again so they will be inundating me with pictures of fun the turds.

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you re in the negative. 



  1. I hope you are feeling better soon Kim, your energy and work ethic is amazing! Its good to hear churches being sensible & taking care of their people. We're still in lockdown here so a weekend of housework for me.

  2. I'm sorry to hear about your MIL. Praying that you both heal fast. Please go get tested Kim! The new variants are very bad and people are dying left & right. I've had many young friends (in their 40s) die of Covid in South Africa. Please isolate from your clients too. If you do test positive (which I'm hoping is not the case), please notify the clients you've already had contact with so they can get tested too. As you've mentioned, the Delta spreads much faster. I hope you feel better soon my friend! Hugs.

  3. Oh dear I do hope that if you have Covid that it is a very mild case, and I pray that the same happens for your MIL.

    I don't know why people don't listen to the experts. I have many in the extended family (on Harvey's side) that are listening to those Google doctors and Facebook, Twitter users that think they know more.

    God bless.

    1. We have crazy family also, so frustrating, you want to love these people.

  4. I hope you feel better soon. I never know if flare ups, illness, or injury. I truly to listen to my body but life goes on. Dang, how many brides are there where you live?

  5. I listen to doctors not prophets or popes or preachers. I hope your mil is better soon. Is someone with her, I wonder? Take it easy yourself. Hopefully, you will be better soon.

  6. Oh no, I am so sorry.
    Hope that your mil is doing better, and I hope that you don't have covid. Is your hubby feeling ok? Please take it easy as much as you can.

  7. Ugh. Please tell me you require a mask on all customees coming into your home. Please? I hear Idaho is awful w/ COVID. Take care.

  8. When I saw the title of your post, the first thing that came to mind was the sun's corona. I guess that makes me dense.

  9. I hope you feel better soon Kim - do you think you will get a covid test? I get my 2nd vaccination next week - they are much slower at rolling it out over here but they are improving. I have a good friend who is anti vacc ... I cannot understand it. I hope your Mil is okay too Kim.

  10. Oh no! Yes, please get tested. I hope your mother in law feels better soon and please take care of yourself.

  11. Get tested and stay away from people. Most deaths here (recently) have been break through cases. Thankfully numbers are on the decline here for the moment.
    Hope you get to feeling better quickly and that you aren't positive.

    1. If they will let me in I will. Hard to get a test here unless you are really sick and I am not.

  12. Please do get tested, so you can understand if you need to fully isolate, & can let others know who have been exposed. It will also reassure you, if you do not have COVID. Sending good thoughts for both you & your MIL.

    Unfortunately, the longer people remain unvaccinated, the more opportunities there are for mutations to occur that will then impact everyone, including those who are vaccinated.

  13. Sorry, but nope about the pope. He is an ordinary, mortal man, not a prophet of God. I hope you feel better soon!