Tuesday, September 14, 2021


 You know sometimes I feel like a factory worker.  But I know putting in the long days makes the rest of the days easier. I sewed most of the day until about 9:30 last night.  I got through my list of wedding dresses. I have one that called late last week for a short notice and of course said it was an easy job and every time they say that I know it won't be and it wasn't. They keep calling with changes and I keep telling them no! Finally I said, nicely, you said this was easy and it is not and I don't have time to make all the changes you want on short notice sorry!  GRRRRRRR!!!!

Anyway I had another client call and say she needed a dress for homecoming.  Crap homecoming. I forgot about that.  It is October 9th, I need to gear up for that.  Not as bad as prom season but it will add to the work load. Hopefully I will be rid of at least 4 wedding dresses in the next couple of days and that will be a relief.

I managed to make hub's a shrimp salad for dinner last night and I have enough leftover shrimp as I cooked the whole bag that I can make a shrimp pasta dish for this evening. SO dinner is sorted, now If I could just get a little cleaning done, but I can tell right now that is not going to happen. I am going to try and get all things due out for the weekend done today if possible.


1. finish hooks on bridal dress have a fitting

2. have a fitting, bridal

3. have a fitting bridal

4. call and set up fitting bridal

5. replace zipper on coveralls

6. go to Joanns for fabric to fix a dress

7. alter a skirt

8. double check shop for items due out this weekend there might be lurkers.

9. alter two formals for this weekend. got one done

10.try and clean up the shop a little as it is a nightmare

11. get hand work done on bridesmaid for pick up today

12. alter jacket

13. mend hunting pants

14. hem shorts

15. black pants waist and hem

16. alter men's jacket for wedding

 Okay yesterday was hard, but let's see what I can do today.  I really just need things picked up and out of here and then I will feel better about the situation.

We have the grandkids tonight as daughter is teaching, so I NEED TO GEAR UP FOR THAT.

I THINK Kim needs a different life.

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.


8 alter and men's suit coat


  1. I'll remember that quote-whenever someone says it is an easy fix, I will know it is definitley not going to be. I feel you are starting ot slip bakc inot the role of doing for others and Kim comes last. Be careful there.

    1. I am feeling very stressed and verklempt, as I feel like I got very little done yesterday, I hope today is better.

  2. I know it will NEVER EVER happen, but maybe Grandma needs to say no once in awhile. Maybe once in a while they can get someone else to babysit -so you can get caught up, Just a thought - I know a stupid one!!!!! LOL

    1. Well we had that discussion yesterday. Or grandpa needs to watch kids up at their house so grandma has silence.t

  3. I have now taken on a task for our oldest son. Not only will I be making a quilt for him for Christmas, but he wanted me to make one for a friend who has moved away from home (she split with her husband). I think I have him convinced that a knitted blanket would be better.... At least I hope so.

    Enjoy the children tonight.

    God bless.

    1. I love that little grand daughter of mine she is so fun.

  4. I knew as soon as someone said, "This will be an easy fix/job, that it would be complicated."

    1. BOY ISN'T THAT THE TRUTH. Those words make me cringe!

  5. I know you are trying to tie up loose ends and projects before heading out of town. I will share a sentence a friend of mine uses and it is perfect "I know I should say yes, but right now I am going to say no". There is no arguing because she already admitted she should say yes, so you can't guilt or shame her into agreeing, but she emphatically said no. It is brilliant and I have used it often.

  6. I might just use that on a client or two.