Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Wednesday,watching the biter!

     One of my old dance students who is going to nursing college called me in a panic, her little boy (20 mo.) is now the daycare biter.  So he has been expelled from daycare for 5 days.  He learned to bite in daycare so now he cannot come for a awhile.  She was so upset.  I laughed and told her I did not think he would become a serial killer.  Adam will stay with me in the mornings for a few hours until his sentence is up. I am just a few blocks from the nursing school so it is easy for the mom  and he was an angel this morning, well if tearing every single video out of the cupboards is angelic.  But he was entertained, that is what counts.  I was also not bitten:)

     I was able to collect enough to tuition to get payroll done.  Now I have to get the bills paid.  The months just go round and round same old same old.  I still need to get organization done about my desk, I have just been a lazy, sloth.  But boy is slothfulness fun, as long as I don't stink.  Hubby actually did the kitchen last night.  I started it and had all the dishes soaking and he finished it also took out the garbage bless his little heart.

     So my goals today if I can convince my butt to leave a chair, are to bake bread, run to the accountants, call a hotel, call the bagpipers, call a theater, set up a budget and organize files for next years tax receipts.  But as these have been my goals all week I am having a hard time getting them done.  Why?

     Yes why?  I just grabbed my phone and called the hotel, done,  called Jeff, pipes and drums, done,  called theater about date, done, even  e-mailed a professional singer and a photographer for a new gig and poster picture. Done but was not planned.  This all took under 5 minutes.  Why do I make such a big thing out of things that are so easy?  Why do I put things off and procrastinate and make things nightmares in my mind?  I mean really Kim grow up.  Mysti come slap me, I need a slapper.

     See I feel better already.  Less stress, more energy to get other things done with no worries bugging me.
Now I am going to work on my files and desk area, also write up a budget, but first I must start my bread.

Out My Window:  It has turned very cold here so I will need to go give the chicken water.

Have a great and productive day!



  1. Hey, I have a frozen roasting chicken that REFUSES to thaw for dinner tonight.....I could come konk you on the head. Not a slapping but close enough? 8-)

  2. Oh, sluggy... :) I think you just inspired me to go do some things that have been on my list all week...

  3. SLAP!

    Isn't it amazing how little time stuff takes when we just do it?

  4. You know, I put off making phone calls too, I just don't like using a phone and calls are an easy thing to procrastinate with. But yes, usually they don't take very long - we procrastinate way longer than the call takes! I'll take a slap too please...

  5. I'm with you - I've been waiting on rolling over my retirement, canceling a stupid subscription that I needed for work, and reviewing our legal documents. All need to be done this week. TIme to just do it!

  6. You need to do the payroll, tax filing, organizing, and a lot more – that is quite a lot of responsibilities that you need to accomplish. It’s not easy to handle it all, especially since you have to watch your little biter on top of it all. Thankfully you have an accountant that can help you to do some of the tasks. I hope everything goes well in th end; with your goals has been accomplished and your little one’s sentence on his school lifted up. It will be a huge relief.

    Lewis @