Friday, February 7, 2014

Friday, I will be beautiful in a few hours!

     Yeah, that will be me, beautiful.  Going to get my hair done in a few minutes and boy does it need to be done.  I was able to alter two wedding dresses yesterday,and do a pile a alterations. I need to come home and work on a a jacket.

     It snowed last night about 1.5 inches on the level, I know, I know nothing compared with the rest of the world, but it rarely sticks here.  Went out to the chicken coop and the bird looked at me like what did you do this for?  So I felt bad and gave her some warm water and a heel of homemade ww bread.  My favorite part by the way so a real sacrifice, I don't think she noticed.

     Hubs and I are I think driving to McCall in the morning as he has some private timber to look at for an individual.  But why on the snowiest coldest weekend of the year?  So I will need to break out winter gear, and I think I will take my cross country skis, just in case.

     I have a photo shoot tonight at the studio, the Pipers need a new picture and I have not done any action shots of the girls for about 5 years.  Photographer will be there at 6 so that will take about and hour, then I have a ballroom class.  I am already tired just talking about the weekend.

     I would like to get home to watch just part of the Olympic opening ceremonies, but if we need to get up early to drive, hmm.  I know make hubby drive and I will sleep.  That works for me.  I wonder what my kids are up to this weekend?

     Out My Window:   Everything just covered with snow, the garden and pond, all the fruit trees and shrubs.  It is very pretty.  We call snow like this poor mans fertilizer.

     Well I am off to become beautiful!

Have a great and productive day!



  1. You need to ask that photographer to take a picture of a "new you", and then you just have to post it here :)

  2. Haha, poor man's fertilizer. We call rain poor man's carwash. Very eco-conscious, too! I need to get a haircut eventually... enjoy your beauty appointment!

  3. Enjoy getting beautiful! Have a nice weekend.

  4. I can't believe you gave away the heel of homemade bread! I don't even let my kids have it. It's mine!!