Thursday, March 14, 2013

Thursday, miserable...

Personal -$398.00
Studio -36.15

CC studio finally came and I did not open it, but will today.

     I just have a really bad cold.  Joints in hands and wrists are bad.  Very head achey.  I will carry on.
I am going to go to the bank in my pjs.  I am going to get a large soda with ice.  I will make a deposit and pay the house payment and then come home.  The problem with being self employed is that you really can't take time off when you are sick.  I just have to feel better.  At least I only have to teach 2 hours tonight and then I can come home and die.....

Out My Window:  It is beautiful and sunny, too bad I will be indoors today.

Have a great day.



  1. Feel better, Kim! Don't go back to the house to die. Really, when you're sick, you're sick whether you're self employed or not. I mean, if the parents (some of them) wont pay you for months and that's their responsibility, I am sure they can understand that you can't teach. Get lots of rest.