Thursday, March 28, 2013

Thursday, getting ready for company

     Again I have no idea where I stand in my accounts but I do know with what is tentatively in the studio checking and what I have been able to take in in the shop I should reach status quot by the first.  Then the old how am I going to get $500.00 to make the house payment will start?  It is the circle of life around here.

     Mom is still here and I am enjoying her.  I have been sewing a lot and also trying to catch up in the yard. Posts will be a little irregular this next few days as I have so much company coming in for Easter.
My hands have been terrible and I don't know what to do about it.  Just trying to slowly limber them up in the morning.  But living with constant pain gets old,  Hopefully this will pass soon,

The yard is calling me!  Sissie call me.

Have a great and productive day!



  1. You know you will love having all the family there this weekend. Enjoy!

  2. Try to relax this weekend! Your hands could use the rest. Have a great Easter.

  3. Enjoy the holiday, I am glad you get to spend it with your mom!

  4. Enjoy your weekend and hire some teenagers to clean up the yard and give your hands a rest!!

  5. I forgot to wish you a Happy Birthday the other day when you hit the double nickels.....Hope you had a good one Kim! 8-))

  6. Although this may not help your hands, but it did with me. Try stretching your shoulders. This is a good video that explains it.

    I know it seems weird, but when I spend a lot of time typing, sewing, etc (with my hands) and they get a numb feeling and start to hurt, I do the stretches and it gets better. My chiropractor told me about it.

    Other than that, I really hope you have a good time with you mom! Have a wonderful Easter Weekend!

  7. Wish I knew a remedy for your hands! I like Jennifer's idea though and may have to steal it. My numb fingers stem from a pinched nerve in my neck so that stretch might help. Anything is worth a try. Enjoy your company - don't work TOO hard - I hope everyone pitches in!