Friday, March 22, 2013

Friday. Dress Rehearsal!

Personal -$398.00
Studio $675.12

CC one paid and waiting on the other.....

     Voice a little better by last night but hands are horrible this morning.  Waiting for meds to kick in.  My mom is coming in today for the show.  I rearranged the spare bedroom upstairs to make it easier for her.  I need to iron the bed ruffle for the bed and then the room is ready.

     Program is about finished, we will tape the floor about noon at the theater.  My Ballet Mistress is due here within the hour to help me with the music.  I just want the weekend over!  I know that is bad as we have worked so hard toward this goal.

     I turn 55 on Sunday!  So I will have a happy birthday, because it is spring and the show is over!

I will go get a few new baby chicks.  I would love to get a wax kit for my hands, to keep in the downstairs bath.  My hands just felt so good after that hot bath yesterday.

Have a great and productive day!

I know I will.



  1. Happy (early) birthday!! Hope the show goes great and that the weekend is beautiful.

  2. Happy birthday and good luck with the show!

  3. HAPPY BIRTHDAY KIM!! By now the show is over and I bet it went great! Now I hope you can have a relaxing day and recover from all of that busyness!!