Thursday, March 7, 2013

Thursday, got to get going...

     I am still very tired from my weekend away, but I feel like my old self is returning.  Slept 9 hours last night woke up without feeling I was in a fog.  I was able to pick up my medication yesterday, FINALLY.  One month off and my hands are all blown up and so sore.  All while the insurance company argued with the doctor.  So before I left for mom's I had to go get a blood draw to prove that my SED rates were climbing.  In other words you have to get sick again before they will renew this medication for a year.  I had not posted about this because I hate to dwell on my health.  I just want to out run the pain and the disease.  So far I think I have done pretty well.

     Sewed a lot yesterday and it was very hard as my hands were not co operating.  You should see me typing right now.  Pretty funny, but they are loosening up as I complain :)  I was paid for some curtains I had done before I left last night and I almost have enough money to pay my share of the house payment. I am so blessed.

     I have so much to do in the shop and more coming in this morning.  I really need to do a run through of this house and pay a few bills.  I had better make a list to motivate myself.

1. Take a hot bath 
(Okay so it is 11:00 and I have not completed much on my list but I have sprayed all over the house a little here and a little there, I think I need to focus)
2. Straighten master bedroom and bath (done at 12:00)
3. sweep and clean spare bedroom and bath( done at 12:15)
4. clean kitchen Sorry this will be done tonight or tomorrow 
5. straighten dining room, sweep
6. vacuum, dust clean front room( done at 12:30)
7. put laundry away and start a load or two.
8. change sheets and vacuum and clean guest room,(trying to do this but Rucifee the cat is helping)
9. put away things in guest bath
10. dust and vacuum family room
11. Clean off my desk and file last months crap  (I will complete when I get home this evening  !!)
12. pay remainder of bills !
13. set up March budget !
14. sew some  Have had had 5 customers, numerous calls, and hemmed 5 pairs of pants.Done by 9:30

15. teach some
16. collapse

On your mark get set go!

Have a great and productive day!



  1. I'd put #1 and #16 together. That's a long to-do list! Hope your hands improve soon.

    1. Oh Tanner you have so little faith in me, but that sure sounds nice right now.

  2. You are one Energizer Bunny :) Great job on your to-do list!

  3. Whoa Kim, slow down! I'd be cutting that list in half - perhaps that's why my house is always a mess :(