Monday, March 25, 2013

Monday, I hit my speed limit!

    I can't report any numbers because the weekend was so crazy and I do not know where I stand.  Will try to figure it out today!

     The show went well, actually very well.  I am so proud of my dancers, they are incredible. We had good houses.  The pipers and the drummers were excellent.  I insisted on a piper solo this year.  We blacked the stage with a single spot in the middle and had a piper come out in full regalia and play "Oh Danny Boy and Shenandoah" it was so beautiful it made me cry.

    Right now what is making me cry is Carla's three girls are sick.  They have some crud that is sticking.  Say a prayer for that poor mom.  I remember when my three would get sick all at once and then have something the entire winter!  Ugh.  Poor darlings.

     My Mom is here and we have a couple of days of fun planned around my work schedule.  She is not feeling well right now.  Her medicines make her sick to her stomach.  I love it when my mom is here. I wish she would live with me.

     I had my 55th birthday yesterday.  It is my speed limit Birthday!  There are so many flowers in the house right now it looks like a funeral home. Girls and Hubby cooked dinner yesterday, it was a hoot.  There is an art to getting a meal on the table with everything hot.  I just had to eat and giggle.  Cold baked potatoes, hard artichokes, Steak (fried on a griddle, yes fried on a pancake griddle) tough as nails,and over seasoned with pepper. Shrimp was good and oysters at the end of the meal as they had forgotten to put them on.

     I have 6 new baby chicks, and I received a beautiful brass door knocker in a Celtic design.  Also received the new Hobbit movies and my very favorite gift a large wax machine to dip my hands in every morning.  It was kind of spendy but also medicinal.  I have wanted one for a long time.

     It was a nice birthday.  I was so tired yesterday it was hard to enjoy it, but I tried.

My sissie broke her foot the day before yesterday so I am sure she did not have such a nice birthday.  I hope she is a little better today.

     Well, I have to go check on the mother and get my day started as I have much to do.

Have a great and productive day!



  1. Glad to hear the dance went well and that your birthday went great too. Hope your sister gets better real soon, and that the wax machine helps your hands feel better.

  2. Happy Birthday My DEAR friend. I don't have a real gift to give your but instead I am giving you this:

    =May you only have joy and contentment in the coming years
    =May the people who love you(including me) always be there for you
    =May you take two days off a month without worrying about money. It really recharges your batteries
    =May you realize that the lives you touch with your young dancers will stay with them forever
    =I hope that your hands and back begin to feel better. In fact it is in my prayers every day. Yes Catholic prayers but God doesn't care where your prayers come from

    And most of all may you realize that you are a important part of many of our lives especially mine. Like I said before I only have a handful of true friends and have had them since grade school but I consider you my friend. If you showed up on my doorstop(please do one day) I may not be able to offer you the finest food and drink but I will offer you the truest form of friendship and a look at my crock pots.

    Thank you for all you have given to me this year

  3. Happy Birthday! Im glad your dance went well!

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