Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Wednesday, My Blogversary! Yeah!

     Well I am back from sewing purgatory and today is my first anniversary of my blog.   A year ago today I put it all out on the net and it has made a real difference in my attitude and my finances.  I really needed to be  accountable to others for my financial habits.  Rhitter, Mysti, Jane, Little Lamb, Sharon, Sarah, and Jenn, Mrs M. Carla, Tanner, Rafiki, Melissa and many many others all I can say is a big old thank you.  I am 1066.00 from becoming cc debt free and I can hardly wait.

     I was able to see my grandson and he is just the cutest baby.  His other grandma lives with him and we were having a conversation about how smart he was.  She said she thought he would skip reading all together and go right onto engineering, I thought he was a baby Mozart.  My daughter over heard the conversation and told us he was a 13 month old little boy and to knock it off.  She ruins all our fun.  But he really is musical and repeats any tune you whistle or hum.  He goes around the house hooting scales and different rhythms.  My kids all talked early but this was different.  It was fun to be with him.

     I drove 4 hours to pick up my Mother then it took 7.5 hours to get to Twinfalls.  It rained most of the way there but what beautiful Mountains.  Mt. Borah is so pretty.  You spend about 4 hours of the 6 hours surrounded be the most beautiful snow covered mountain ranges.  Just like driving in a post card.

     I was able to sew 3 of the ugliest bridesmaid dresses ever!  You know those eighties colors, teal and pink are coming back. Ugh!  So is shiny satin yuck.  Combine the 2 and horror.  But two wrapped coat dresses fully lined and one strapless with a jacket fully lined are done and I also made grandson a little lined vest and bow tie with scraps.  Too cute:  ( much cuter than dresses)  But bride and mother-of -the bride are happy and that is what counts.  Actually when the dresses are on and the the flowers and the Wedding party it will be beautiful, just not my style and color. I also purchased a really nice spring suit pattern and a light olive green tweed to make the oldest a new spring suit.  I have it cut out, but I will sew it here at home.  She is coming over the 28th so I will alter it then.  I love to sew one of a kind contour suits but so many pieces.  Linings and under linings and  interfacing.  Some suits can have over 75 pieces to cut out.  I hate that part!

     My mother is failing.  She had a hard time with the trip.  Just too long in the car at her age.  Her health is going down hill fast.  I slept with her an I swear I only slept about 3 hours a night.  So I am very tired.  Last night we made it to Missoula and I stayed the night with her at home.  I was hoping she would sleep better there.  She got up for the third time and fell hard.  She hit a large trunk that she had brought from Sweden.  She has a terrible scratch and bruises on her back.  But she has very strong bones so other than bruises and a very sleepless night she is fine.  I really worry about her but she is so active and busy in the community she just moves slower.  I will always cherish this trip.

     Well I have to take the youngest out to buy a white dress and shoes. I also have so much to catch up on.  I came in under budget on the trip.  So yippee!

     Out My Window:  Cold, rainy, yuck.  Nothing changed while I was gone.  Have not checked the chickens.

    Will write more later, have to go.  I am so fat!  Ate and sewed and ate and drove and ate!

Have a great and productive day!



  1. One year already?? How time flies when you get as old as us! I hope that bride doesn't read your blog LOL!! Those colours make me shiver! Funny how much we loved them 25-30 years ago though - and SHOULDER PADS!! I laugh at pictures of myself with football player shoulders on little ol' me (well, I was mighty little back then!!)

    1. Yeah I remember they put shoulder pads in bathrobes for heaven sakes!

  2. Happy Blogversary. Sorry about your mom.

  3. congats on your blogoversary! I remember wearing a teal coloured bridesmaid dress in that shiny satin in the 80's huge puffy sleeves and matching pillbox hats :)

  4. happy blogoversary!!!

    so sorry to hear of your mom...

  5. Happy Blogoversary!!! You are so close to cc debt free. A year can change so much! I am very excited for you!!!

    Its very hard to watch those so close to us aging. My recent trip back home was such a reminder of what time does to our bodies.

  6. Happy Blogoversary!!!

    1) OH 80's puffy satin dresses....NO!!!
    2) I am sure your grandson will be a GREAT engineer!
    3) I am sorry Mom isn't doing well.


    4) You are so close to being CC free. I am soooo proud of you!

  7. Happy Blogoversary! I can't believe it's been a year already! Kim, you've done so well, and you work so hard! You are my hero!

    I'm so sorry to hear about your Mom...I'm so glad you were able to spend some time with her!

  8. Kim. I love reading your blog! The descriptions of your road trip through the mountains are beautiful. I have never been east of PA and have always wanted to see Montana and Idaho. Maybe SOMEday. I, too have an aging Mom and it is indeed very difficult to watch what I call the "long goodbye". I enjoy every moment I can with her. Keep posting!

  9. I'm glad you have a good trip!
    And thankful you came home to sewing work too.

    And Happy Blogiversary! If I had known I would have baked you a cake.... ;-)

  10. I can't believe the 80's colors are coming back! I'd love to see pictures when you get them finished.

    Happy blogiversary!