Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Tuesday, Back to normal

     Well I did get that big list done, but here it is the 10th and I still have not received 1/2 of my tuition, which I knew was going to happen.  Today is my biggest enrollment day so we will see.  But it is hard to pay bills when you have no money.  I am very short of money this month anyway.  I did the budget and it is not pretty.  So what am I going to do about it?  I can complain all I want but it doesn't change things.

     I have a set of silverware that I purchased while I was out with daughter #2 a few weeks ago.  I have a really heavy set of 18/10 that I bought last fall.  Well you know how silverware disappears.    So I thought it has been 8 months and already I am down silver with no kids at home.  I am going to buy another set to keep in the china hutch and add to the originals as pieces go missing.  Well after 3 weeks the box is still in shop and I was able to count all the silver at Easter and one fork is missing.  One salad fork not half the set. I am sure it will turn up under the sofa or in one of the kids silverware drawers.  I will check when I visit.  But what really ticks me off is that I was scheduled to pay for this in April as I had used all these coupons and discounts  So I have $89.00 in Aprils budget.  Well the bill was $149.00. Macy's is at it again.  Remember Christmas?  I did not go to the till my daughter did, she obviously did not watch them.  Well  do I really need this silver?  NO!  I am mad that I fell into the consumer trap.  Back it will go today and I just shaved about $90.00 off my budget. Jerks, crooked, baiting jerks. (stupid naive consumer Kim), 

     I have many costume charges that I need to pay off, but I just need to slow down and realize I won't get these until next month and to not panic and think that I have to use this months money to clear those accounts.  I charge the parents for the interest so these will be  paid.  But I want to see a clean slate.  See how impatient I am?

     Although this will not be a no spend month I will have to really, really watch my pennies if I am going to pay off that last CC.  I am just so broke.  Last month with tax returns, extra paychecks, I felt flush.  But this month back to normal.  I like to feel rich!

     Also I have had travel expenses that I will not have this month so that should help some.  Hubby does not drive this week and both vehicles are full of gas that also helps my mood as I am not shelling out over $100.00 a week for gas!
    Out My Window:  Warmer yesterday, but cooler today.  I still think spring is coming.

     Well I have a couple of really hard dress alterations in the shop so I had better get going. The money will  also be nice.

Have a great and productive day!




  1. I know exactly how you feel about last month being flush and this month will be a struggle. I spent too much money last month so this month will be tight as I have a major expense that I knew about but am now short $$ for. Why do we do this to ourselves??? Enjoy the sun Kim!

  2. But you feel so much richer after this last CC payment is made!! Hang in there, I know you will make it!

  3. Don't we all want to feel rich! It's the only way to feel.lol

    And my flatware use to disappear too! But once my oldest son left for college and stopped clearing the table after meals, it suddenly stopped. Weird, huh?lol

    Hang in there, May is coming!!!

  4. Patience my dear, patience. Like I'm one to talk - patience was NEVER one of my virtues...come to think of it, it still isn't! You know the old saying "Don’t borrow trouble by worrying about tomorrow when we do not know if we will even have tomorrow.Today is God’s gift." Don't worry about next month now, let's just get through April :) One day at a time!