Monday, May 14, 2012

Monday, catch up on life!

     I was (am ) up early to catch up on life!  So much to do, but all things I am looking forward to(I think).
I have started to laundry and I want to run through the house a bit.  Cull a a few magazines and things that have stacked up over the last six weeks.  I have the truck this week so I will be doing a major dump run.  I do this without hubby as he likes to save odd weird things. 
     Here is the list:

Laundry (started)
kitchen (clean and put away dishes)
Desk, (filing,deposits,bills,balance checkbooks)
Go to banks
Go to food bank
Go to post office
Get to studio by noon to tape floor and start to put away Cinderella
Visit sick friend
Clean bank by myself (hubby is in hell week for his show)

 I think that is enough to do for today.

 I also have the vet coming at 9.  Some lovely person has shot the dog (or I think they have) with a BB gun or a pellet gun.  She has a weeping wound on her right hip.  I have been cleaning it, but it is a mess and she needs antibiotics.   I knew it was not an emergency pet situation so I called to have the traveling vet stop by this morning.  This small Corgi type mutt is my husbands ears when he is home.  He takes out his hearing aids and the dog becomes his ears.  It is very frustrating that someone would try to harm her.  She is very good about staying close to the house, but she must have gotten someones goat.

     Out My Window: I have so much crap to haul to the dump out of the yard.  Scraps and crap.  Weeds, broken umbrellas, card board.  You name it.  Where does this stuff come from?

     I will be updating #'s later so I am excited!

Have a great and productive day!



  1. I have a catch up on life day ahead of me too....race ya to the finish!

  2. Oh, that's terrible! Poor dog, hope the vet can get her some relief. Some people are just mean and spiteful, and even if they needed to scare her away, there are ways to do that without shooting at it...

    Good luck with the cleaning, and hope you and hubby get some time to slow down and rest! Seems this month is leaving neither of you some breathing room.

  3. What a horrible thing to do to a dog!! I hope the vet can fix him up quickly. Good luck on your huge to do list!

  4. Poor ear doggy! I just can't believe the cruel nature of some people - they think something like that is funny.
    Can't wait to see the numbers!!

  5. I honestly can't believe how terrible some people are. I hope the vet can get him on the mend and that he heals up quickly.

    Looking forward to seeing your exciting numbers! Hope you got lots and lots done today.

  6. What kind of person does this to a dog? I hope he is feeling better quickly!!!!!!!!

    Thank you for the kind words by the are one of my blessing that I counted tonight. I thank God that my blog has helped me find so many friends that I would have never had. One of these days we will all have to meet in the middle :)