Sunday, May 27, 2012

Sunday, yard management

     Worked hard in the yard yesterday.  All the flowers boxes are planted and the garden is finely tilled.  There is still a lot of hand weeding to do in the yard but I am getting closer.  I have to be done with the yard by  this upcoming Friday as I will be gone for the week.

We still need to :  Plant garden (that will be done on Monday)
                           Pressure spray deck (Monday)
                           Paint deck ( as weather permits)
                           Weed, Weed, Weed  

     We spent to much money again on Saturday.  Picked up lawn mower from repair shop. Bought hubby two new pair of casual/dress/work pants.  In other words not logging jeans, but 100% cotton so if he is stuck on fire he can run and not melt.  We also purchased him new light ankle high boots exactly like the shoes we purchased 2 months ago, we are still working with this bad ankle and summer is coming which means many more hours in steep brushy country.  I then saw the cutest pair of blue DANSKO sandals in a marine blue.  They were on sale but still expensive.  Note to self: stay out of sports store!

     We then went to Home depot and purchased a few plants and a pressure sprayer.  I wanted a portable one and we have rented one every year for about $45.00.  But I can never keep it as long as I want and our neighbor let us use his, I loved it!  So much easier.  I used my $50.00 gift card to pay for 1/2 of it.

    We then went to Big R (feed store) and purchased a new spreader and a small 2 horse power tiller.  Remember all the tools that died this year, we are slowly replacing them.  We still need to get the blower replaced and a small chain saw.  We were able to borrow one to take down the big pine that blew over and blocked the alley last weekend, but we can't always rely on this.  Hubby can bring a saw home from the office.  But again trees seem to blow over on the weekends and we have a lot of trees and some mighty wind storms.  Funny because it is not a windy place.

     Can you believe all the equipment we have had go down?  I think we need a smaller yard.

     I had thrown away plastic table and chairs we had, had for years.  It attracted paper wasp nests and was starting to crack all over.  We happened by a yard sale and saw a table and chairs with a sign on them. We had been looking to replace the chairs but we wanted good folding ones so we could put them away in the winter.  I could not find any thing decent for below $25.00 a piece.  The whole set 5 chairs and a table was $50.00.  They are a little worn but still in great shape.  SCORE!

     I also was able to get to the damaged plant counter just as they were rolling it out at Home depot.  I was able to get about 15 gallon size perennials for .75 cents each.  Beautiful blue flowered ground cover, but they had been over watered.  I took them home and transferred them across the 100 ft rock bed in the front yard.  I have been wanting to cover this with perennials but it will take so much money and I am doing it a little at a time.  The top bed is almost done and I am working on the bottom bed. SCORE!

     Then hubby saw another huge yard sale he asked if I wanted to go around the block. I asked him if there was anything we needed and he said no.  Well if we stop we will find something we need and buy it.  He looked at me and laughed.  When you shop you can always find something you need.  I had already shot my wad of money.  I will have to sew like a demon to get this all paid for before the bill comes in.  Although I do have the money in savings, I would like to keep it there.  So I guess Kim has to get to work again.

     Anyway it was productive day, just expensive.

     I am going to cook a lovely dinner with steaks, asparagus, potatoes, corn on the cob, brochette, and cheese cake.  I will diet on Monday, while I am planting the garden.

Have a peaceful Sabbath



  1. Any pictures of your yard coming any time soon? You keep telling us about all the beautiful flower beds you are creating there,and I'm just dying to see it :0)An I know what you mean about yard sales. I just stay away from them. We only went to one community sale this year, spent $12 on some misc. stuff, and that's it for the year for me!

  2. So now I know what happened to the money you were wondering about in your previous post lol! I tend to go overboard on gardening stuff too, though there's no more room at my condo. The PEI home on the other hand...fortunately I'm only there for 7-8 weeks so I don't bother planting anything...yet!! Though we usually dig up lots of spruce and maple seedlings from our forest and along the road and plant them further out to extend the forest and create a future windbreak to the north. They don't all survive from year to year I see more tree planting in my future...

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