Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Wednesday, sewing never ends!

     My goal today is to finish the Harlequin costumes if it kills me.  I have 6 more left plus the hats.  The choreography seems to be done and is coming together well.  Now all the details.  After all life is all  the details. We still have no paycheck so I will wait for the mail.  I also added $124.00 to my house overdraft account.  I was hoping to be able to fully fund it by this Friday, but I do not know if that will be possible. Even though I am sewing like a mad woman, I have not had a great deal of easy work come into the shop this week.   I do have some easy hems I could do, I have just been concentrating on costumes.  This is why I don't make any money at recital times.  I would really rather order all the costumes, but some times that is impossible.

     The studio soda sales have been holding steady at about $10.00 a week.  I will have a really nice Christmas fund.  Now I am just trying to get costumes paid for, I beleive I am 1/2 done.  Parents have until the 10th.  I need to sit down and make a May budget, but with out a paycheck from last month it seems a mute point.  Hubby and I were seriously considering not cleaning tonight if we do not get some kind of lip service.  Or contacting the industrial commission.....

      I had better get busy.  Clean myself up and hit the machines.

Out My Window:  Clear and cold, hopefully it will warm up this afternoon.

     I just want the show to be over so I can play outside!  Whine, Whine, remember we are not going to wish away our future and enjoy the moment.  I am just having a hard time enjoying one more Harlequin costume.

Have a great and productive day!   Hi sissie.



  1. You. Can. Do. It! Almost done. Then take a nice long break!

  2. As usual you're crazy busy!! lol! Hope you finish up the costumes soon! :) That's great that your Christmas account is building up!! Mine is growing slowly but surely!! :)

  3. Don't blame you - we all want to be outside when it's so nice. Here I am inside while Michael is enjoying a bike ride. I had school work to catch up on while he's free as a bird...yup, a bike-riding bird, that's him!