Thursday, May 10, 2012

Thursday, The sewing is done!

     I have such a headache!  But it is done.  Well the sewing.  I was up late last night trying to close out the books.  Still have several people that have not paid for costumes.   But I am calling them and asking that the money be in my hand tomorrow.  I heard a few sob stories last night and I was firm. 

     So tonight we will pull the floor and move it.  The firefighters are coming to help move all the set pieces.  We will set up as much as possible tonight.  Daughter #3 is due home about 9 p.m. to help me finalize the program so we can take it to the printer tomorrow.  Daughter # 2 will be home tonight also to help run errands tomorrow and run interference back stage for the next two days.

    Personally I can't wait until it is over.  So much work.  Hubby is in full swing rehearsal for Tale of Two Cities.  He is doing violin and viola every other night.  Our boss from the cleaning company just called and said there is a major walk through tomorrow.  Like I have time to put in any extra time right now.  When it rains it pours.  Got to love my life.

     I have a very kind parent bringing dinner over tonight.  So I know I am appreciated and someone loves me.  Finger tips are raw from hand making that cat wig.  It is darling.  I remember doing 35 of them for CATS.  Never again.

     I really can't wait to balance my books and get May off the ground, because really May does not exist for me until this show is over.  I have paid the house payment and the bills that are due now but no budget exists and I love to update my #'s.  It is like the addiction I live for!

     Does anyone else live to update their debt #'s?  It's my ultimate favorite thing to do.

Out My Window:  Slightly cold, but beautiful.  We are supposed to have weather in the 90's next week. Good because I plan to spend hours in the yard.  I have flower gift certificates to spend.  Yippee!

Have a great and productive day!



  1. Congrats on finishing the costumes!

  2. Wait, Tale of Two Cities . . . The musical?

  3. Updating the numbers - yes, I find that fun too - we need to get a life!