Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Wednesday, can't get motivated

     Maybe I am just getting old, but I can't seem to get motivated.  I have a ton of yard work and the shop is busy.  I need to compose a note for parents for summer ballet and Celtic and I just sit here half asleep.  I got very little done in the shop yesterday.  I am just so sleepy.  I hate this feeling and hope it leaves soon.  I feel like I am sleeping enough at night.  It is more just a feeling of blah. I need to kick my own butt.  Irish dancers can do that you know:)

     Maybe it is the finances as now we are into the long haul.  The truck loan will be the next to be paid off and I want it gone by Christmas.  That is so far away and how am I going to do it?  I will pay $500.00 a month for the next three months and then attack it again when the studio reopens.  Hubby will get an extra check and I will have an extra $3000.00 in September, but that is not even 1/2 what is owed.  I have to be realistic and realize that I am not just going to pull $16,000 out of thin air.  I don't think I will be able to pull more than $6,000 more from the studio so we are still several thousand short.  Alas, the well laid plans.

     Now I am living in the future again and wishing time would pass quickly so I will be out of debt.  This is stupid.  I need to enjoy now.  My bills are paid, I have money in savings.  I have enough.  I need to enjoy this slow time and enjoy my summer and the out of doors. 

     Originally I was to pay that loan off by this June and the other car by next Christmas.  What a joke!  Who lives in my head anyway?  Actually who lives in my checkbook?  Well sitting here messing with this blog and stewing is getting no work done.  So I will get off my butt and get busy.

     Out My Window:  Beautiful day, warm and sunny.  I need to work outside!
Have a great and productive day!



  1. I know how you feel, I can't get myself motivated either :( I think it's the weather for me. And I know you'll be when you want to be financially. Even if it's a few months later, it doesn't mean you are not moving ahead! Remember this!

  2. "Maybe I am just getting old, but I can't seem to get motivated."
    YOU JUST FINISHED A BIG SHOW!! YOU DEALT WITH SHIT ALL DAY YESTERDAY - your body is telling you something so listen - go have a nap - you need it my dear!

  3. I hope you can go chill out somewhere with a good book. You have been super busy lately and most people would have been run completely ragged by now. BTW love the new format of your blog--pretty!