Saturday, May 26, 2012

Saturday, I always...

     I always think I am going to have extra money.  I always plan for extra money.  On paper it sits there pretty and clean. Our budget shows us with extra.  The first two paychecks pay the house payment (barely). The second two have approximately a $500.00 leftover.   It is never there.  I just knew yesterday when checks came in (by the way the college check is not here, surprise, surprise) I would have at least $ 2-300.00 to put in the vacation savings, which sits at  $800.00 right now.  But when I balanced I was actually $35.00 in the hole.  No savings of any kind.  Gas has actually gone up here, daughter was home from school for a few days, mostly gas.  I haven't sewed as hard because I was just too tired.  If I don't produce we use the checking account and then there is no savings. 
     I always over estimate how fast I will pay off debt.  I have plans on paper that show debt pay off strategies.  I go to debt snowball calculators.  I print off spread sheets.  Months later I am still paying a bill that should have been paid off according to my wonderful charts months earlier.  It isn't Murphy, I have a Murphy fund and I do use it, but I replace it.  I just think that I am a powerful dreamer.

     Dream about getting out of debt, dream about saving, the problem is, they are dreams.  Reality is much harder. 

     But I must say, that I did make another payment on the car, all my bills are paid for the month, we have plenty to eat and I am going to plant flowers. 

Sis, I just realized Mom is at Kelly's and there is no one to put flowers on the babies graves, I guess I will call the Yules.
     Have a great Memorial Day weekend!



  1. I am a powerful dreamer as well. On paper I could wipe out this debt so quickly, but in reality it doesn't work out that way. Dave Ramsey say's it's 10% head knowledge and 90% behavior. I make a budget every month, but then real life happens and it turns into a free-for-all. Keep your eye on the prize and together we will get there.

  2. That happened to me all fall Kim. I was demanding and expecting too much of myself. I know that you work very hard but expecting superwoman effort every single day and every paycheck isn't fair to yourself. I learned that I had to pare it back to what one woman with only 2 hands can do. There is a perfect budget on paper and then there is real life. Some days superwoman and somedays just woman.
    Don't be hard on yourself as you can't work flat out 24 hours a day.

    Maybe make 2 budgets: "Perfect World" and "Worst Case/Plan B". The second one based upon the minimums.
    You are already so far ahead of where you were when you started blogging!
    Enjoy your time in the yard, so relaxing puttering in the flowers!

  3. I do the same thing! I always seem to have more plans for my money than actual money coming in (or it usually comes in but something breaks down or there is some other unexpected expense and all of the "extra" money I thought I would have suddenly evaporates). At least you are making some progress each month so dont beat yourself up about it--you're doing great!

  4. Count me among the dreamers! Just when I think there is breathing room ... poof, it's gone. In a way, I guess that's a good thing because it constantly reminds me to pay attention and not let things slide in the wrong direction. You have a lot on your plate and medical issues on top of that. There's only so much a gal can do! Hang in there ;)


  5. This goes for me as well - everything looks good on paper, but the reality is always a bit different. But I keep dreaming . . . .

    Usually there's nothing extra after we make all the payments, but a couple of times the plan has not only worked but there's been extra. It doesn't happen very often, but it's always a sweet surprise!

  6. Aren't we all dreamers? I'm yet to create a budget where we will stay under every category-I have my better or worse months but EVERY MONTH there are things that I miscalculate...Sigh...

  7. I always have more plan then money! Seems like an epidemic


  8. "dream a little dream with me....." I guess the Mamas and the Papas had their money problems too! Have you noticed that the exact opposite happens with spending? in I think I only spent about $200 in Niagara Falls but when the credit card bill comes in it'll be more like $500?? The things that make you go hmmmmmmm...