Monday, May 7, 2012

Monday, I am alive

     I am alive, just very, very busy. Too tired to blog and say anything sensible.  Cinderella is 4 days away. Still have several items to sew and innumerable irons in the fire.  I need to run payroll.  I need to run stark raving mad also.  But I think I will run payroll first.
       I have paid off the costume account and still have two large bills to pay but have the money in savings to pay them.  It does not look like I will take a loss on costumes this year.  I have been very careful to charge for materials and time lost when I sew for parents.  I still make no money for the effort I put in, but at least I am not losing money. 
     Slow learner that I am.  Say a prayer for me.
     My husband made me a coach (one dimension) on rollers.  It is too cute, I will post pictures after the artist paints it.
     Still have,
5 peasant tops
7 skirts
one pair of bloomers
4 white horses
Cinderella's, ball costume to alter and bedazzle
15 cummerbunds
Step mother's dress
Cat's wig
assorted hats, scarves
  I just want to get the sewing done so I can concentrate on the the sets and all the the things I have to pull together, let alone the program.

Have a great night, I am going to bed!



  1. I hope there is a nub of you left when this is all over with!
    Run the payroll and when it's all done, THEN run stark raving mad from the

    So glad I don't have this kind of frantic pre-show stuff anymore.
    I'll send you good thoughts to get thru it tho....

  2. You obviously have to LOVE what you do to go through all of this.

  3. I hear ya! Slugmama is right - when it is done you MUST run stark raving mad!