Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Wednesday, short and long lists

  Still at it, going strong.  Sewing list gets shorter, to do list gets longer.  Mysti, is right I love what I do, but I really don't like this kind of stress.  Hubby and I were talking about it last night.  I need to figure something out, but I can't do it right now.

Need to Sew:
 5 blouses
1 pair trousers
cat wig
bedazzle Cinderella ball gown ( I think I can send this out)
5 cummerbunds
Step Mom dress
Assorted scarves,hats
     Got the new improved internet  bill only $22.50, score!  Still receiving costume money, so as all costume bills are currently paid, I can stick that away for the future. Have piles of paper work to do, but I want to get all the sewing done first.  I plan to get the bills paid and all dance studio figure done tonight after class.

     I really cleaned the shop last night, it looked like a scene from hoarders.  I can only work in so much chaos.

Out My Window:  It is so warm and pretty out.  Trees are in full bloom.  I can't wait until Mother's Day and I am going to sit out on my messy deck and enjoy the sun.  Watch it will rain.  (Dora downer)

Have a great and productive day!



  1. Glad to see that list getting smaller! Congrats on a smaller internet bill. Every bit helps.

  2. Our Internet bill is $21 now. Love it! What is a cat wig???A wig for cats? Forgive my ignorance :)

  3. Lower internet bill and a clean workshop!!!! I would say that is a success!!

  4. Once again your daily to do list looks like something that would take me a week or more. I dont know how you do it! Also, internet for under $25 would be wonderful but I dont think we have such inexpensive service here (it's more like $50+ per month!).