Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Wednesday, hey I am making progress!

Studio $103.00
Personal $7.07

     I just noticed that my truck is under $10,000.  Yippee, this mentally is such a big deal to me.  For some reason when a debt is under $10,000 it seems easier to payoff.  Dumb I know but a mind thing.  Also the house is three payments away from dropping under $100,000.  So although I am very broke right now I am positive I am heading in the right direction.

     I did take money out to pay the rest of the studio rent so that is taken care of for the month.  I am now concentrating on the theater and I want to be able to pay at least $500.00 of that myself before the end of next week.  Money is not coming into the shop as fast as I would like.  I have a great deal of work, but weddings come in large sums spaced farther apart.

     Trying to get the house work done when it is cool upstairs, so I mopped the floor at 10 last night.  I am going up after this blog to sweep and mop and vacuum the upstairs rugs.  No easy feat as it is 1500 sq.ft. and I have 16 area rugs.  But the fur balls are accumulating under the tables and ready to take over.  We also had a fly hatching that went into the dining room window and I have dead carcasses all over.  Gross!

     Hubby is so hot when he comes home.  Last night I just did BLT's for dinner with cantaloupe, radishes, and cottage cheese.  Used my own bread, tomatoes, and lettuce and radishes from garden.  Tonight I am having, green salad, egg salad sandwiches, sugar free jello and cottage cheese, radishes, and cucumbers with vinegar.  I hate to make sandwiches every night but it is so hot and we do not run an air conditioner.  This way the house does not get heated up.  I boiled the eggs last night when I was cleaning the kitchen and mopping the floor.

     Lot's of sewing to do today!  I have three bridesmaid dresses, to alter and two zippers to put into items.  At least 3 pairs of pants to hem.  Two Wedding dresses to look over and start.  One I must run to Jo-anns to match the satin.  So my work is cut out for me. " Work is cut out for me" makes more sense when you are a shoemaker or a tailor. :)

     Out My Window:  Hot, Hot, no weeding done in front yet, did get the watering done last night.  Chickens love me and love people food.  They are so cute.

Have a great and productive day!




  1. Congrats on getting your debts down! I'm like you--as long as a bill/debt is a few dollars lower than a big round number it really looks smaller (and seems like it would be easier to pay off).

  2. Congrats on reaching two milestones! I agree, once something drops to a lower tier (from 10k to 9k, 100k to 99k), it just feels different and a lot smaller. Good luck with all the sewing.

  3. I am SO with you on that under $10,000 thing! I felt like I crossed a HUGE hurdle when I got all the smaller debts to that point. Now all I have left to get there is the equity line and the mortgage.

    You're doing great!!! And you should see the weeds, well the jungle in fact growing in our yard. It's just too hot out!