Monday, July 1, 2013

Monday July 1st, A month of me!

     I am so happy to be back to blogging.  Things are such a mess here financially I don't know where to begin, but just to be able to have the next 2 months to do what I want (within reason) is such a blessing I can hardly care about my finances.  I will care when I don't have any money to pay bills:)

     My arthritis is extremely bad right now and has been for the last month.  Every day is a challenge.  Mornings are especially hard, but I do loosen up throughout the day.  I am so happy to report that the insurance company has okayed me for a one time drip (again) on Friday the 5th.  I will be in the Spokane area as we are going up to see the two younger girls over the 4th.  Daughter #2 was upset that I did not get the drip on Wednesday so I could feel better, but that was the soonest they would approve it.  I am so looking forward to this.  I have now been 4 months without medications besides over the counter and antibiotics.  The result are not good let me tell you.

     The Harry Potter workshop although a bust financially was very well done and the kids were so cute.  They learned so much and had so much fun, I really enjoyed the group we had this year. We need to rethink time frames for next year.

     Between Hubby, daughter #3 and myself we have had over $2000.00 in dental out of pocket in the last 3 weeks.  Our savings is down to pennies.  Because the workshops were not a break even all of Junes bills came out of studio savings so I am way down. I do have enough money to get through July, but August will be tough.  I just am not going to worry right now.  I need a month of me and concentrating on getting my pain under control and relaxing, doing what I want to do and enjoying my life.  Bills will always be here.

     As for the shop it is very busy right now which is a blessing.  I actually had my best week ever last week and I was teaching full time!  Which let me tell you did nothing for my arthritis.  Teaching from 9-3 and then running home to greet client after client until 7:30 and then sewing until 11:00.  This went on all week!  Saturday I just laid around and vegged.  It was so nice.

     I do have to balance the check book for the house today and get a budget set up for July and transfer some money to pay the tithing check I wrote yesterday.  Then I can really see where I stand and start working to correct the problems.  Luckily I have money saved for our annual vacation to the coast so I do have money to have fun over the 4th, what ever is left will be put toward bills.

     Out My Window:  Have a lot of yard work to do, but who cares?  Getting really hot here, I love it!

Have a great and productive day!



  1. Glad to see you back! And I'm glad you'll finally get some meds to help with pain. Will it last for a while?

  2. I hope Friday comes fast for you!
    Your July will be MUCH better after then....
    Enjoy your trip!!!

  3. I love your Out My Window "have a lot of yard work to do, but who cares?" I feel the exact same way. Don't get me wrong I actually love yard work, but there's too much other right now and I'm not going to stress about weeds. Wishing you a speedy week!