Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Tuesday, staying true to not spending!

Studio $113.00
Personal $7.07

See how I stored my wheat?  Remember the ugly Ziggy's bucket by the back door?  Well it is gone.  Back into the garage with the rest of the buckets.  One of the girls gave me these large jars for Christmas 3 years ago.  I felt guilty never using them and they sat in the bedroom kind of looking out of place and stupid, but remember the guilt.  Well I filled them with wheat and they are convenient for me to get to when I need to grind fresh flour and they are cute and did not cost  me a thing.   Which is a triple win as far as I am concerned!

     I puttered yesterday away.  It was fun.  Got the laundry finished.  But not the ironing....  Cleaned the kitchen.  Did a few projects. As seen above! Sewed the bare minimum. ($100.00)  Had much more business come into the shop.  Did not get any weeding done, :( but did take a long walk with hubby after we cleaned the bank.
     I turned the collar on one of Hubby's shirts.  It was an Eddy Bauer and only worn on the top part of the collar.  So I took a seam ripper and pulled it off, then put an iron on patch on the holes and sewed it back on with the good side on top.  I swear it took 5 minutes.
Here is patch ironed on (I made my own with wonderunder and old denim)

 Good as new you really can't see threads at all!

  I also lengthened a pair of very expensive outdoor hiking pants of his that had shrunk from washing.

  Shortened 2 pairs of hiking pants for myself, and lengthened a very expensive Talbot's skirt that was a little too short for my comfort.
The hem old hem line does not show from the other side as this is heavy linen and a very busy print.

 So I got a few things off the to do list.  Actually the mending pile.
     I made dinner, with the shrimp I had thawed out for Sunday and did not cook.  Also salad from garden, lettuce, radishes, tomato and cucumber.  Left over strawberries, and blueberries, ww hard bread with butter.  So trying to deal with food waste in a timely manner.  I also took out all the scraps to the chickens.

     I paid the truck payment, but still have to figure out the rent for the studio

.  If I wait until Thursday I will not have to take money out of savings.  So right now I have $440.00 for rent.  I did take in $35.00 this morning but that will have to go into the gas envelope for hubby. Robbing Peter to pay Paul around here and so far it is working.

     I actually set up a bill pay on-line this morning.  I am so proud of me.  I have never done that before as I am a little scared of the process.  We will see how this works.

     Out My Window:  Getting very hot here, need to go water the flowers.  Maybe weed tonight?  Yeah like that is going to happen.

     Well  need to go get the sewing done.  Bridesmaid dresses coming out my ears.

Have a great and productive day.



  1. You are one amazing lady, grinding your own wheat and all...

  2. I love on-line bill pay. You can do it!