Monday, July 8, 2013

Monday, home again, home again...

     I was afraid to come home after the 4th, as the last several years we have come home to chaos.  But everything was fine.  Thank goodness and prayer.  We had a great time and I would have loved it to be longer.

     We arrived at Daughter #2's home about 10:30 4th of July morning.  We met her boyfriends parents for the first time and then went to Cabela's to look around.  They have great fudge!  Did not buy much as I think they are very over priced.  Hubby did buy daughter #3 a fishing license.  We went and did a little grocery shopping and then home for steaks on the grill.  About 7 we headed for the boat docks and took an evening fireworks cruise.  It was great.  We were able to see the fireworks display from out in the center of lake CourdeAlene.  Beautiful!

     Friday morning Hubby and I got up early and went into Spokane for my load dose.  It took about 2 hours and it was so cold in there.  They had hot water bottles and three blankets on me and I was still shivering.  They keep the chemo cold and inject it into your arm on a slow drip.  Freezing inside and out.  My girls were upset that they put the IV in the top of my hand.  It always hurts the worst there, but I said I did not care.  I was in so much pain they could have cut my arm of and I would have taken it just to feel better.  We went home and puttered about, had dinner at the Pub where daughter #3 works, we also took the girls to get new cell phones!

     Daughter#3's phone had been dead for almost a month and Daughter #2 needs to be off our plan.  Hubby and I agreed to get #3 a phone as she is still in college and we help support them until they have there under graduate degree.  #2 had the studio main # and we could not let that phone go until now.  But the true excitement is that my phone bill will go down buy over $100.00 a month!  #3 has to pay #2's family plan.  It is about time, now when we get #2 off our car insurance in October and off our health insurance in October we will see another $100.00 savings at least.  Yeah!  But as Hubby said he really wanted to bell the cat (daughter #3's cell phone, oh by the way she just broke up with her AWFUL boyfriend that we hate, I just can't stand all this good news)  After lunch and the cell phones we went and helped #3 find an old dresser at an antique shop for her bedroom.  We brought the truck up with an extra set of lawn furniture we had in the shed.  So we were able to move the dresser into her house.

     Saturday hubby and #3 and myself drove to the Montana border and rented bikes and road the Hiawatha trail.   I have not ridden a bike for over 20 years.  I was a runner until 2 years ago, now I just sit and eat chips.   So we have these three bikes and the first 2 miles of the trail is an old railroad tunnel.  I am wobbling all over on this bike like a drunk, think Carol Burnett.  (Sissie think Kelly Sue with the ironing board).  Hubby keeps saying Kim are you okay?  When we got in the tunnel it was dark of course and about 45 degrees.  You cannot pedal to keep warm as you are on a downward grade and you would run into other riders in the dark.  I was so cold and scared.  What am I doing?  I just had poison pumped into my veins yesterday and I took another shot this morning, I am stiff as a board.  My shoulders and wrists have really not born my weight for over 6 weeks.  I am in the dark and the cold on a BIKE, what was I thinking?  Well you know me I was not going to turn back.  Hubby and #3 were out of the tunnel first.  They said I was as white as a sheet and my hands were frozen stiff to the brakes.  Oh yeah I was funny.  But I will have you know I made it to the end of that 27 mile trail before they did and it was so beautiful.  I want to do it again.  The worst part was getting off the bike and back on.  Hubby wanted to stop at every picture on the side of the road, but I would stiffen up on the bike and have a hard time pushing myself back up onto it, so when I feel better we will ride it again.  So much fun (pain).  We took a shuttle back to the ski lodge where we had rented the bikes.  I threw up all the way back.  Yeah meds had finally hit the old intestines.  I was a lovely passenger, the tour guides thought I was nuts, brave, but nuts.  So they will have a story about the chia pet hair women.

     Sunday we went to church and exactly almost to the minute in church I got what is called an chemo headache.  They usually happen about 48 hours after the drug.  It is the most common side affect which means every one gets it.  I have become really good at reading those placebo charts on meds.   I actually had tears coming out of my eyes and running down my cheeks my head hurt so much.  Like someone had put a rubber band on my skull and was trying to pop out my eyes. This is a morbid post. ( shots, vomit, freezing, popping eyes, good stuff)  I went home and slept for 3 hours and I was fine.  I helped #3 put her room together with her new dresser and we drove home.

     I have much to do in the shop so I had better get busy, I also want to choose a room to work on and clean.  I think I will do the kitchen first as it is the worst.  One cupboard at a time.  Still have not found my camera.  Never mind I just found it.....

Out My Window: It is much cooler in the 80's and I will try to do some weeding tonight.

Have a great and productive day!



  1. I am always amazed by you Kim!

  2. Grad post! It made me smile to think of all of the wonderful things that happened to you over the weekend!