Friday, July 12, 2013

Friday, I am proud of me...

Studio  $ 498.12
personal $7.07  

      I am proud of me!  Why?  Because yesterday I sat down and in 1/2 hour did two very important things I have been putting off that are financially important.  I am a terrible procrastinator on certain things.

     I received a notice last week that I had not updated the FAFSA with new tax records.  Now I was afraid this would take forever and I would get stuck and infinite phone calls, frustration. But no as I have a card with all the codes and pins and daughters SS# and drivers # it took about 10 minutes.  So why have I been dreading this and letting it keep me up at night?

     I needed a form to get the last of our Cobra money out to pay a dental bill.  $707.11.  Now I have already paid the bill and I could use this money but without a form I cannot send it in to the company.  Well I googled the website and looked for forms and low and be hold up it came! I copied it and mailed everything.

     Other than those two things I did nothing but sew yesterday.  The shop was crazy with the first customer at 8:15.  I also took in 3 dresses that have to go out today.  Bridesmaids that are flying out on Monday and the dresses arrived yesterday.  I was doing a great deal of hand work last night to finish up a bridal alteration.  Hubby wanted to go on a walk around the levy but I had too much to finish.

     I am very stiff and sore this morning.  I thought I was getting better.  But maybe I am just impatient and forgetting how crippled I had become.  I had a bride show up at 9 to borrow the steamer.  Then another bridesmaid at 9:15.  I was so stiff I had a hard time pushing pins through the dress.  So I told myself to get busy.  Emptied 3 over flowing trash cans and put new liners in them.  Anything to get the large muscles moving and force me to use my hands.

     I think I will do a quick run through the house too help loosen me up and then get busy in the shop.  I would love to be done with my sewing by 4:30.  I have many pick ups today after 5 but I just want to be done before the crowd gets here.

     Paid the house payment yesterday, so one of my goals this week is complete.  Now I need to get the rent paid at the studio $700.00, get the truck payment made $500.00 and the theater bill $925.00 by next week and I am sure I will have to hit the savings for at least one of those.  DARN!  I really dislike being broke.

     I work so hard and make all this money and it just goes to bills.  Okay I am whining as I did take a nice 4 day trip to see my girls and did several fun things just last weekend.  It is so easy to forget how blessed I am.

     Out My Window:  Beautiful and not too hot.   I hope to work in the yard a bit later this evening.

     I need to go clean myself up, get a few household chores done and hit the shop.

Have a great and productive day!



  1. Isn't that the truth... sometimes I fear things greatly, and once they're over with, I just can't believe I was putting them off. Makes no sense! Hope you are able to meet all of your goals by next week without much of a dent in your EF. Good luck!

  2. I'm proud of you too. Now you can scratch one/two more things off your to-do list :)

  3. Go Kim! Go Kim!!!

    I procrastinate too. And then feel silly when I find out how simple the task was that I was avoiding!