Saturday, August 31, 2013

Saturday, studio is clean!

     I am so grateful, thankful and relieved.  I had 3 sets of parents show up this morning with their kids and we deep cleaned the studio.  We started at 9 and most were out by 11:00.  Then D#2 and the mom that cleans the studio and her daughter and I went upstairs and completely cleaned the costume room and put everything away.  We were there until the afternoon.  So in 5 hours everything was done. 

     Dad's put up posters, and cleaned all outside windows.  They also knocked down all spider webs and cleaned the 6 ceiling fans that are 2 stories above my head.  They then cleaned the inside of the windows and steam cleaned the floors. This is a huge studio.

     Mom's swept and mopped and did all the mirrors, floor to ceiling.  Pictures came down and were washed.  All dressing rooms were vacuumed.  Benches and all surfaces wiped down.

     I had the younger 3 girls who were all 8 clean rearrange the hair,office and medical drawers and put away all the supplies in cupboards.  They were great for as young as they were and did such a good job.  They also returned all the furniture into the dressing rooms and lined garbage cans.  They were so proud of themselves.
     I just gave directions and put things away.  I also deep cleaned the bathroom and kept all the mop buckets full of clean water.

     I have a new mom cleaning this year.  She has 3 girls at the studio and her husband is disabled.  He usually brings the girls to dance and has always taken out the trash and helped me whenever he could.  She is facing downsizing at her insurance firm.  But at least her dance classes are paid for and the girls are there 4 days a week so I think she will do a great job.  I will be relieved of this duty and I feel like I am doing something nice for a well deserving family.  She kept telling me thank you and I was just so thankful for her thorough work and willingness.

     D#2 and I went a purchased beginning of the year supplies, Kleenex, toilet paper, paper towels, flats of water and diet soda (sells for .50 ) hygiene supplies( always someone) garbage bags, new toys for the kiddies bucket at the dollar store.  White board, and office supplies. We refilled the medicine chest, band aids, antiseptic, tape, ankle wraps, Tylenol, ibuprofen, benedryl.

     All I have to do on Tuesday is get new carpet squares and tape a couple of floor pieces down.  Woot!

     Hubby is downsizing a fire camp from a type 2 team to a type 3 team.  The Canadians are going home.  Thanks Carla and all of you who live up above for sending down your crews to save us once again.  We are so lucky to be so close to Canada.
     I am going to pay all the rest of Augusts bills tonight and get the books done.

Our lawn mower died so I had a neighborhood boy mow the yard while hubby is gone.

Out My Window:  It is 94 outside!  September starts tomorrow?

Have a great Holiday weekend!



  1. I bet you feel terrific to have a clean dance "home". Wanna come keep me company while I clean? I am making Raspberry Chocolate Banana Bread........

  2. It's 94 here too, and I'm dying... It's really nice of you to help out this Mom! You know, you are amazing, right?