Friday, August 9, 2013

Friday, parents paid!

    I am now $177.00 away from my goal on paying all those bills.  I was able to pick-up $413.00 worth of checks at the studio.  $65.00 more came into the shop.  I have enough sewing done that needs to be picked up to clear the $177.00, but we also will need gas for Monday and a few groceries. 

I am going to Missoula next week on Wednesday or Thursday and will need to leave Hubby money for gas and groceries (at least $200.00) and I will need a little money.  The problem is that when I am not home I do not work and I cannot earn money for the next week.  Hubby will always have to have a fill-up which is at least $50.00.  When I look at what is left in the shop I am close to $450.00 before I leave.  So it will be very tight.  When I get to Missoula my twin will spoil me rotten as she always does, but I feel guilty as I will never be able to pay her for all she has done for me and my children.  Too generous.

     I have enough from dinner last night to feed both of us and tomorrow I will make pancakes for breakfast.  I think I will look and see what is at the $1 theater tonight as we have really not been out of this house all week.

     Will continue to hem and work on wedding dress.  I have to have everything out by next Tuesday so I had better get busy.

     Just trying to count my pennies.

Have a great and productive day.


  1. WTG on getting enough of the checks in to make sure the expenses are covered. Pretty awesome.

  2. I'm curious about what your husband pays for. He has a job but you never say how he contributes and you are always giving him gas money and food money etc. Is his income really low or erratic? I'm not criticizing him I'm just trying to understand your situation. You are an inspiration to me with your hard work and dedication to paying off your debts.

    1. Hubby makes very low wages working for the State of Idaho. The State by Idaho constitutional law balances it's budget every year. Often this occurs on the back of the State employees. They are grossly underpaid. We do have good benefits, insurance and retirement, but we also pay for those. Hubby only brings home $905.00 a paycheck after SSI, retirement, medical premiums. Our house payment is $1450. He also commutes 100 miles a day so gas eats up the rest of his pay. I give him cash to buy gas or we would be overdrawn. I have almost always been the major contributor to our family income. I resent it immensely.

  3. I am so impressed at how far you have come! Remember when we had to almost bend your arms behind your back to send out notices telling the parents to pay! Now you finally have them trained