Monday, August 26, 2013

Monday, one more week of Summer vacation.

     I have one more week to get my ducks in a row and summer vacation is over.  I was particularly lazy last week.  It was so fun.  The studio is a disaster and must be thoroughly cleaned.  My yard needs weeding so bad it is a jungle.  The shop is full, full, full.  Bills are everywhere and studio mail is piling up.  Oh where to start?

     We left town at 5:15 on Friday and stopped at Mcd's for dinner on the way up the hill.  Nothing like a cheeseburger, fries and a diet coke for nutrition.  We arrived at daughters at 7:30 and packed up her bedroom, did several loads of laundry.  Moving crew was at the house by 8 Saturday morning.  They had all the big stuff out in one hour and one trip.  We continued packing and were done by 2:30.  Hubby and daughter and boyfriend took last load to storage.  I tried to rest with a miniature dachshund puppy on the lose.  Not much rest. We were on the road to Moscow with Daughter#3's bed and remaining things by 4:15.  Arrived in Moscow and a crew unloaded into her apartment and then we went to Winco, my favorite store.

     I really stocked up, on pasta, flour, sugar, yeast, and meat.  We bought, beef, chicken, sausage and hebrew franks.  Came home and divided all meat into small packages that we can eat.  So I have enough meat for 47 meals.  So nice!  I did not buy any pork except bacon and sausages.  Pork has started to really upset my stomach. We crashed into bed by 9 p.m.  In 27 hours we had driven 6 hours and moved two girls.  We were tired.

     I went to church and then really slept all day yesterday.  I took a 5 hour nap!  Arthritis was really acting up in my left hand, it still is today, so aggravating.   Daughter #3 came down late last night with her boyfriend.  He will be going to school here.  She is sleeping in right now and I am watching her puppy again.  What a corker. Going constantly.

     My goal today is to make a large batch of Swedish meatballs, so I had better go take the meat out of the freezer to thaw.  Just pulled meat out( see how this blog helps me stay on track?)  I also need to organize the spare room closet so daughter's boyfriend will have room for his things. The basement place where he was to stay was flooded so he will be here until the clean out.  What a mess.  We are really close to the college and it won't bother us a bit.

     Then daughter is going to help me move trunk into spare room and get all the dishes in my shop put away.  It is just a matter of organizing everything.  I need to just get things I have been putting off done.  Blah!

     Out My window:  Need to go check garden but I am afraid, as produce is taking over.  My one chicken is really making noise so I think she is ready to lay.  I need to go out and praise her.

Have a great and productive day!



  1. Enjoy this last week of summer. Hope it's productive & enjoyable! :-)

  2. I am so glad we are past the moving the kids every August for school..............not fun!!

  3. We head back next week. I teach three dance classes. I drew short straw, and wound up with the Friday 4 p.m beg /int level. Ah well. Tomorrow is a master planning session, potluck and fun time for faculty, then next week we commence with a new season. Hats off to you. I do not envy our owner/director the stress of being in charge! Have a beautiful season.