Thursday, August 29, 2013

Thursday, messing with blog layout.

Studio: $41.13
Personal $206.69

      I am trying to edit my blog so you can see how much I owe and how much I have paid off from month to month.  Right now it is a work in progress. 

     I will be going to Costco in a little while to get cleaning supplies for studio, then down to studio to get started on cleaning.  This is going to be a busy cleaning weekend.  We have to clean the church Saturday morning and then meet parents down at studio to finish cleaning.

     I can't believe my summer is almost over.  Hubby gets paid tonight and I will pay the rest of Augusts bills and say I have made it.  I have very little money in savings and I have debt, but I made it!  So I will just start plugging away at the debts and saving money again.  We are putting Hubby's fire overtime back into our emergency fund which has $53.00 in it right now.  So once that fund is financed I will start over just like I did last September.

     Out My Window:  Very smokey, must be a fire somewhere close by or they are field burning.

Have a great and productive day!



  1. Im looking forward to fall..but not to winter

  2. When you look back on this summer remember it could have been much LAST summer and all that home repair work you had to have done.

  3. I hope you did not buy expensive chemicals when cheap things like vinegar and baking soda cleans all sorts of things. I tried it and love it. I only buy one chemical now, but I tried a dozen things that were cheap and chemical free. Yes, I guess I wasted money, but I gave it a good I think I found you through slugmama.