Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Tuesday, where do I begin?

       D#2 and I worked so hard yesterday. We cleaned (actually the room was clean) but we took all of D#3's things out of the walk in closet in the basement bedroom and put in all of J's things.  Changed the sheets and moved the Swedish trunk into the bedroom.
A queen size bed can fit on this wall to give you scale of the size of this trunk
  It was one of those days where everything you try to do gets stopped in the middle.  We went to move the trunk, but first we had to move the china in front of the trunk.
Imagine this times 10 and all of it heavy.

Then we went to move the trunk, it was full of copper pans.
Old lead lined water cooler from Sweden, most were melted down for bullets.
Copper pots from old house.
  We unloaded the pans and took them all upstairs, many trips and then found 3 ways the trunk would not fit through doorways before we found a way it would fit.  Pant, sigh.

     Now we have to sort through china.  I only wanted to bring up two sets one to store and one to display.  Carry all china upstairs.  Many trips.  Pant, pant.  In the mean time do laundry, laundry, laundry. Now unpack China that I want to display, but same old, same old, China cabinet full of old stone wear I have had for years as my good dishes.  Daughter #2 wants them.  Carry them all down stairs and put them on bed of clean bedroom.  Again start to unpack 70 year old china and find out.....

     Kay I can hear your silent scream from D.C.  Mom had not washed any of the china cups, dessert plates, or saucers, we used at her birthday party.  Remember how you sissie spent the day washing all the china we borrowed and then dried it and repacked it so I could return it.  Well mom just stored hers away.  So old food and sugar and tea/coffee with paper wrappers stuck to it.  Mold all over.  It was such a mess.  Now if the display china is like this then the other china's are also.  So we had to unpack all and wash and dry and put away.  A lot more work than we planned.
Isn't it beautiful ?
Another set of Cho Cho Chan cleaned and put away.

     Now there is no end to my stupidity as I went into the garden and picked all the produce, which we don't have room for in the fridge and I had also taken out 6lbs of cheap burger I had gotten on sale and 2 lbs of sausage to thaw and make meatballs.  I had forgotten about these until D#2 goes into dining room and says "MOM WHAT IS THIS FOR?"  Oops, it is 3:30 we are exhausted, china wrappers every where and I start a big bowl of Swedish meatballs and as I am chopping the onions I decide to start the rice cooker and make a beef stir fry with all the produce in the fridge so I can put produce on the table back in the fridge.  Splat!

     We ate at 5:30 and the first batch of meatballs were in the oven.  Second batch at 7:00 and the kitchen was clean.  Helped D#2 put her stoneware away in china wrappers and store in trunk.
Went to the bank to clean.

      My day is almost done but no the fates are against me and when we turned the corner into the neighborhood we smelled a skunk.  Our neighbors car and our dog had taken the blow.  But Sandy was not hit as badly as she was last time.  The car got the best of it.  So she had to sleep outside last night and she will have to be soaked in enzyme cleaner and bathed today.  I think I will save that for hubby.

Unhappy dog banned to the back deck.
I did not get to the silver.

So I did not get any sewing done yesterday and I will spend my day in the shop all day long.  On a good note.  I have plenty of left overs for dinner.  I have at least 10 Swedish meatball dinners in the freezer.  Most of the crap from Mom's is put away.  I still have things to organize but right now I can work around them.

Out My Window:  I thought the chicken was laying yesterday, but she was just noisy.  Oh crap Hubby loaded the lawn mower into the truck for me to take to the repair man.  Now I have to do that. Damn!