Monday, August 12, 2013

Monday, pays to check the mail!

     I was able to collect $42.00 more dollars from the shop but we also spent too much money this weekend.  Frustrating.  Nothing, stupid like eating out.  Just oil change $42.00, Prescriptions $57.00, gas for car,$47.00, Groceries, $75.00.  So you see we are still in the hole.  I just need to climb out a little faster.  So as I was sitting here feeling sorry for myself the bell rang and one of my older customers brought in a flag that had been whipped by the wind.  I was writing up his card and I noticed a pile of mail Hubby had put on the ironing board, so after customer left I opened the mail.

     I received both CC bills one for studio and one for personal and we will not face those today.  A plan will be formed to deal with those when the studio opens.  For today I am okay.

     I also received a letter from the Orencia company and they paid $467.00 worth of my last doctor bill so I will only owe $20.00.  What a blessing.

     I also had two parents that paid registration and tuition for September.  $260.00 so we are back to where I was before the weekend.  Now I pray that I get many hemming jobs of 2-3 hems and I will do them before I leave.  I will make it!

     I defrosted two chickens yesterday and cut them up and southern fried them.  We had mashed potatoes,corn from the garden, biscuits, fresh fruit salad and Marion Berry pie.  I sent plenty of leftovers home with older couple that ate with us and then took a pie to one of my sewing customers who is laid up with a broken leg. 

     When we got to church this older man was teasing me about going on the trek and almost killing myself the week before.  So I told him it was too bad that I was making my famous fried chicken and biscuits and he had to go home to a can of soup.  He sincerely apologized it was so funny.  His wife has lupus and is quite ill so I really believe they were going to have Campbells.

     I won't have to cook dinner tonight as Hubby and I can eat leftovers. Have no idea what we will have for dinner tomorrow and the pantry is low.  I mean we are out of meat options.  When the studio opens I will be able to stock up.

     Just a little to do in the shop today, unless more business comes in.  I have plenty of housework, and ironing so no excuse to sit around and do nothing.  Which I have perfected to an art form.  If any one wants to get into a "sit around and do noting contest" I will win! 
     Out My Window:  Hot, hot, hot, garden is crazy, weeds are crazy, but I will have tomatoes soon.  Pulled about 10 lbs of sweet and red onions from the garden.  We have tons of new potatoes, cucumbers and squash.  Love my garden.  I am going to do a stir fry again as Hubby loves stir fry.

Have a great and productive day!



  1. Wow....fresh onion from the garden...must be yummy.

  2. I started getting my first tomatoes here but our cucumbers really don't all the heat we've been getting! We really need some major rain.

    And some money in the mail is always a blessing :)