Monday, August 19, 2013

Monday, Home from Moms

     Had such a good time with my Mom and sister.  I hated to come home.  I have seen my sister 3 times in less than a year and I am becoming spoiled.  We live so far apart and phone calls and internet are just not enough.  Kay and I spent the day shopping and it was so relaxing and fun.  She is the most generous person alive, I will never be able to do for her what she has done for me.

     Anyway while I was gone I received a phone call from Hubby and he was called on a fire.  He really almost insisted on coming with me to Montana and would have missed the overtime opportunity.   I am really glad I refuse to let him come with me.  He came home Sunday about noon as his fire was winding down, but was called out again this morning.  I received a phone call from his secretary that he was dispatched to the Lolo fire.  Yippee! overtime, I just don't want any disasters like last year when he was camp boss and his crew came back with a death.  It was so hard on him, he felt so responsible.  He is too old to actually fight fire but he sets up camps, orders supplies and cleans.  Wish he would clean at home!

     The shop has been really busy this morning and daughter #2 is home until this evening.  She is upstairs deep cleaning my house:)  It was a little on the side of shame before I left.  I remember a time when I would not leave my house to go out of town unless it was spotless.  Now it is like who cares if I don't make that bed.  I did empty the kitchen trash and that was about it.

     The garden had not been picked since last Tuesday so I have a huge crisper full of sweet corn, zucchini, peppers, yellow squash and cucumbers.  Luckily daughter will take most of it home.  More will come on in a few days. Daughter #3 will be back in school in a few days.

     I brought home 4 sets of china from my mom's.  I also took all the antique copperware, pots and pans that were hand made for the big house stove in Sweden.  Took the huge steamer trunk out of her bedroom.  I swear you can fit 2 dead bodies in that thing.  She and I had managed to push it on a blanket across the hardwood floors of her house up to the front door.  I called a neighbor and then realized I could not lift it with him and just then the postman came by.  He always knocks on the door and gives mom her mail personally.  He asked if we needed help loading the trunk.  So no more dissing the postal service.  That trunk took up the entire back end of the truck and the king cab was full of china.  Now I have to find places to put all these things.

     I need to figure out where I stand as far as bills and things are concerned.  I am going to pay the studio rent in a few minutes.  I will have to clean the bank be myself tonight. 

     Out My Window:  Still very hot and dry.  We do get a little rain but always with lightening so the fire situation is bad.

Have a great and productive day!

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