Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Wednesday, lazy days

     Boy am I having  fun just not really accomplishing anything constructive around here.  I realize this is my last two weeks of summer and I am taking full advantage if my time.  Every room in the house needs some small attention, will I get to it ?  Maybe....

     I have plenty to do in the shop.  Will I do it?  Maybe.....  (OK I will do what is due out today.)

     I think I will go play the piano for a while:)

     I have two beautiful suits that need pressing and altering and trying on, I also want to switch out the buttons on one of them.  Maybe I will do that today.

     I have 6lbs of cheap hamburger that I bought and froze and I can get some cheap sausage and make a big old batch of Swedish meat balls.

     Isn't it nice to have choices and not to have to do anything at a specific time!

Have a great and productive day,  Mine will be less productive than usual.:)


1 comment:

  1. Ha, have a relaxing day! Choices are indeed pretty good when available.