Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Wednesday, we are so classy

     Yesterday was busy with sewing.  I really had to catch up.  I think I hemmed at least 19 items besides mending several others and I still have so much left to do.

     While my daughter and I were organizing this mess I call a home, we started laughing about our eccentricities as a family.  Here are a couple of examples.

"Get that gourmet goat cheese out from under those hotdogs in the fridge if you want cheese and crackers."


" Please do not put those McDonald's cola glasses in the good china cabinet."

"Mom, for a family that does not drink, why do you have a set of 4 crystal, champagne flutes, high ball glasses, brandy snifters, wine glasses,  and on the rocks glasses?"

We are soooooo classy!

What I want to know is why every trash can in this house is full and the trash went out today?

Why was the washer going all day long on Monday and I have no clean underwear?

Why? Why? Why?

Isn't this a personal fiancee blog and I have not talked about finances other than to whine for the past several days?

Okay, okay I will try to be better.  Let's see,  sewing, cleaning, find underwear, dishes, dinner, clean desk, make deposit, pay bills?  I think I will start with cleaning the cat box or anything that smells.

Again, We are so classy....

Have a great and productive day!



  1. LOL this post brightened my day (and not just because I do all of those things too!).

  2. I can relate to the non-drinking glassware collection. My mother has a huge, HUGE china display cabinet full of wine glasses, champagne, and mixed alcohol ones. None of us drink. At all. The most we've drank was a sip of champagne during New Year's. And don't worry. Personal Finance is also Personal, not just Finance.

  3. Well it have a slew of drinkware and here, where we DO drink, we have about 8 wine glasses(2 types) and 3 specialty beer glasses(of which none match).

    Back to editing photos for me today....your equally classy friend, sluggy

  4. Repurpose your glasses into planters or something...them be some fancy plants!

  5. Lol! Loved your post :D. My hubby would swear you were talking about us. Lol!

  6. :) I have some wine glasses too...for my Anniversary sparkling cider :)