Friday, August 23, 2013

Friday, we will see....

     We are leaving tonight to go up to Daughter #2 and #3's house and move daughter #3 back to college apartment.  It seems like all I do is move kids.  I remember the oldest moving every summer back and forth and finally found the right place and stayed for 5 years until she was out of Law School.  So I hope #3 has finally found her spot.  We will see.....  I feel like my whole life with my kids is we will see!

     My younger sister Kelly says I should quit complaining about my kids as they are good kids, in college, good grades, going some where other than my basement.  But all of their fiascoes involve their mother, so I claim the right to complain!

     Daughter #2 is moving back into her original loft to study for the DAT, so we will put her crap in storage.  Yeah just love this moving stuff.

     Did not do a da*# thing yesterday.  It was so fun.  Well I did work in the garden and pick produce and cook dinner.  I was not completely useless.  I made new purple potatoes, corn on the cob and chicken.  It was so good.  On the down side my knees are blown today.

     Now I am thinking maybe there is something to my allergy to nightshade.  I have  steered clear of potatoes for the last couple of months.  I love potatoes.  I could live on them.  I have been feeling better.  My meds are working, not wonders but working.  Now this morning severe pain in knees.  All I can attribute it to is potatoes.  I will need to do some experimenting.  Boy I hope this is not true.  By next week we will have tomatoes coming out our ears.  Another nightshade plant that I love.

     We are really low on meat, I mean seriously I have two small packages of hamburger in my freezer.  So last night when hubby and I were at store getting milk, I found a good sale on thick sliced bacon and bought 5 lbs. I will have to wrap it myself.  On our way home from the moving adventure I will stop by Winco in Moscow and see what they have for meat.  I would like to stock up a little.  One more week of vacation and I will be back to the crock pots. 

     Out My Window:  Rained hard last night so I hope that helps the fires.  Much cooler here the last 2 days.  No excuse not to weed now.......Hmmm

Have a great weekend!



  1. Oh I understand how you feel,,, We had 3 in college and at 3 different ones...All we did was move them for 4 plus more years...And it was twice a year each... And one of the boys had a girl friend now his wife.. We moved her to because she went to the same college as Tim (her Hubby) now...Her parents wouldn't lift a finger and said Tim could do it all...She came from a divorced parents so it was 4 of them and just Russ and I and not one of them would help those years.. My daughter graduated 14 months ago back home... Don't mind she is home... I am just glad we aren't moving any furniture anymore... She is paying off her college loans and she is going to be done with her loans next June and she will move out then,...

    No one prepared us for the college moving stuff,,,,, I tell everyone about it now.. :)

    Have a great day...Lisa

  2. Our middle one is living off campus this year. We have to make a second trip up next week because we forgot to take her bed frame and several other things. SCREAM!!!!! So back to Kutztown we go to drop off all of that plus all the pants she left for her grandmother to sew and I am sure she will want a food shopping trip in there.......

  3. Have fun moving! Your daughters are lucky to have such a great mom.

  4. Every time I see Moscow, it makes me smile :) I actually have some friends living in Moscow, ID. Good luck with all the moving and to survive all of it :)