Monday, September 2, 2013

Monday, Beginning in September.

     I always feel like my life starts over in September.  Probably because of the kids and school and the fact that I teach and was so involved in school arts.  This feeling has continued with opening the studio.  Even though I have no more children at home I still feel like life begins tomorrow.  Now I feel it on the financial side of my life.  Tuition will come in and I can pay all the studio bills without a struggle.

     I am going to try to keep an expense journal this month.  I have tried over and over in the past but I am so bad at  this.  I just want to know what I spend on gas and groceries.  Everyone has these grocery budgets for these families and I have no idea.  there are just the two of us so that does make things easier.  We do have a large food storage and a large garden.  But I am determined.

     Hubby was at fire camp all weekend.  He just got home this morning.  We have a picnic this evening for the church and I have still not decided what to bring.  My house is a nasty dirty mess so I need to get busy and clean it as tomorrow I have a great deal of sewing to do.

     I love summer but I am so happy September is here.  Now if it would only get out of the mid 90's!

Have a great and productive day!


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