Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Tuesday, I do nothing well

     I was bad yesterday and spent the afternoon playing with my daughter.  So today I will need to be busy.  Way to much sewing to do and 2 brides coming in for fittings this morning.  I have another bride tomorrow.  Plus I have to bake a cake and take it over to the church  for a funeral this afternoon.  I have plenty of time to complete all these tasks but the thing is will I do them?  I have a tendency to get busy doing nothing.  I am very good at that.:)

     Well cake is in the oven and the kitchen is cleaned up, so I must listen to the timer.  I started a load of laundry.  I am going to make a game with myself today.  Every time I finish a dress I have to (get to ) iron 5 shirts.  Yippee!  What a treat.  At least this will get them off the floor.  My first project is to shorten the sleeves on a dress jacket for a funeral tomorrow.  Then dresses, dresses, dresses.  I don't have to be to the studio until 4:30.

     Did any one notice that I have put more totals at the side? I am still waiting for the car payment to go through at the end of the week and then I will post.  I hope to be able to show the monthly change in these totals and the overall total.  Maybe it will make me feel better.

     I love the way Mysti does this and I watch her total go down and it is so inspiring.  So I thought I would copy her , my sincerest from of flattery. You will note that the Credit Card totals are not up there.  It is too depressing and a work in progress.  I only have the two a personal and a business, but both are just out of control, I seem to make no progress on them. I will have to that is all I can say.  I will have to.  I will have to. I will have to.

     This month was expensive at the studio and I hope to be able to make a small dent next month in the cards. The one thing I have not been doing is using them.  They are hands off.  You can't make any progress in paying off debt if you continue to go into debt.  Bet you didn't know that, Huh?  It has taken me years to figure this out and if I could find a loop hole believe me I would have by now.

     I love my Tuesday classes.  They are all little ones 7 and below and are so funny.  Just fun to teach.  Actually I spend the majority of my time running between classrooms, helping with shoes and discipline.  The classes are large and it takes two to get any thing done.  I run help one teacher and then run help another.  Eventually it will calm down I think.  But we have over 40 students in a 3 hour time block,  Crazy!
     Out My Window:  Cool rained all night.  Boy do we need the rain.  Plants are just loving it. Trees are so happy you can see them smile.

Have a great and productive day!



  1. It is raining here and My day was not as productive as yours! Some laundry, baked a cake, and some eBay listings. That is about it :)
    Lisa @ Cents To Save

  2. I want cake!

    Thank you for "copying" me. It really is a raw feeling having everyone know the depths of things. Trust me, I HATE posting my CC. But it keeps it real.

    And the numbers DO go down. Mine went from 76k to 63k back up to 80k, and should be about 65k at the next update.

    You CAN do it!

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  4. Time spent with your daughter is time well spent. I'm sure you will make up for it later in the week.

  5. try this again....I don't have your email. mine is kaswes0423 at aol dot com...sorry I couldnt spell the fist time

  6. I been reading you blog for a long time, your one of those people that seem to love the "drama" of always being so busy busy busy, its self imposed, you love all your little mombie bloggers commenting on you being "super woman" and "how do you do it all" you do a lot of useless stuff that is totally self imposed and boredom, you could do away with a lot of crap you do and that studio needs to be gone, but since you love the drama of busy, you will continue this way until you die, its funny to read, but it IS self imposed

    1. Really....what do you get from being negative? Go away.

    2. I for one enjoy reading people's blogs. While there may be "drama" I don't think it's self imposed - more like life imposed. If it bothers you so much find something else to read!

    3. Wow totally a useless comment on your part.

    4. Must be a very sad person in a very bad place to attack someone like that.....And as for crap, why yes that is the perfect name for you...now be gone

    5. Must be a very sad person in a very bad place to attack someone like that.....And as for crap, why yes that is the perfect name for you...now be gone

  7. its just the truth and all of you are fake and refuse to tell any of you, dime a dozen mombies the truth, you like this fake positive "girl power" crap, don't get me wrong its funny to read, but so self imposed,

  8. Disregard the Anonoymous trolls. I for one am beyond impressed with the amount of energy you have. For some of the so called "mombies" (whatever that is), I feel they perhaps mis-label some things as 'musts" or "needs" like the crazy cleaning and the redecorating and the landscaping. These are things you can really scale back and save some money. Nobody would notice the difference. But I get that some things are emotionally important and make you feel good so you do them. I get that. We all have our priorities. I just wish you wouldn't work yourself to death. THere is more to life than a weeded flower garden. I really do wish I had your energy and I admire your work ethic.

    Yours, DeeCee