Thursday, September 5, 2013

Thursday, getting tired...

     I paid bills yesterday and put them in the mail and then promptly forgot to make a large deposit.  So I will be doing that this morning.  I think I am a little tired from the week and I still have two days to go.

     Tanner commented that she wondered if I knew that my side totals were empty?  Well yes I do but I just have not gotten to them yet, I am a little tired and slow.

     What I find ironic is that I have not spent any money since the studio opened.  I mean I have not stopped to get a soda or gone to a grocery store.  It is weird.  I am sure this will wear off soon but so far if things go as planned I won't spend any money.  Yeah like that will happen.
     I am excited to see what my Jr. Celtic class brings as enrollment for Company was down.  Not that I mind as a smaller Company is always easier to deal with in the long run.  As kids grow up they want to be involved in sports and other activities and don't want to devote themselves to a dance studio and that is okay.  I would rather have them 100% committed it just makes for a better team.
     I did quite a bit of sewing yesterday and will do as much as I can today.  I have things that need to go out for the weekend.  I also have not started to save any money for the house payment, so I need $500.00 in the next 10 days.  I was having so much fun not doing anything the last two weeks of August I forgot my obligation.  I have no money in the emergency fund so it is really up to me.  Hubby's checks from fire should boost our Efund back to $1000.00 by the end of the month.

     Out My Window:  We had terrible thunderstorms last night and really hard rain off and on, but it is now muggy and humid.  I do not do humid well.  We are all used to dry heat here.  I think the weather has finally broken.

     I need to go get in the tub!

Have a great and productive day!


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  1. Ah, haha. No worries, was just wondering if it was a widget not updating properly. I had a lot of issues with mine a few months back and ended up redoing them altogether because I couldn't figure out the problem. And yuck, I hate humidity. We had 90% humidity last Saturday and I had to work outside. It was painful.