Wednesday, September 25, 2013


    The weather has changed here and it definitely feels like Fall.  We had 100 degree temperature 2 weeks ago and now for the first time I am in socks, pants, and a light jacket.  I am sure we will still have some hot days of Indian summer into October, but right now it is down right chilly!  I am not complaining the change is nice.

      I have the whole day until 5 o'clock to get things done around here.  I like not having to get into the studio so early in the afternoon.  I really earn my living sewing and it gives me more time to produce income.  That was kind of my goal this fiscal year and we will see if financially it works for the better.  I noticed this summer the majority of my customers come at three times.  First thing in the morning ( as observed last week when I was trying to get a bath:))  At the noon or lunch hours, and later in the day around 4-5.  Many will say they can get out of the office early around 4:30.  By going into the studio so early I was missing business.
The idea is to maximize revenue at both businesses and simplify my life.

     I was able to get 3 dresses done yesterday, (also ironed 15 shirts) so I will finish the other two today among other projects:)  I have many pairs of pants to hem.  My bride rescheduled for Friday, which is nice I won't have to lay out sheets today and get the shop ready.  Business is great and I am happy.

     I have to get moving or get out my space heater.  I just realized I am shivering.

Out My Window:  Cool, dewy and lovely fall day, makes me think of pumpkin pie.

Hey Mysti:  thinking about what you said on my CC debt. also thanks for having my back.  Life is what it is and I'm not changing it, except for the better.

Have a great and productive day!




  1. Did you find chickens at the Fair?

  2. We all do what is right for us.....

  3. I like the way you're thinking - about minimizing stress while maximizing revenue.

  4. Sounds peaceful, productive, and positive! Nice to read you again!