Friday, September 27, 2013

Friday, modem woes.

     My modem went bonkers.  So for two days I have been trying to get through to the Internet company, but always get cut off or a customer comes or the phone beeps in and I don't speak Pakistani well enough.  Anyway to make a very long frustrating story short, I am $107.00 into a new modem.    As proof that I am typing this it works. 

     It was the cheapest way to go.  The company would ship me one and it would arrive in 7 days at the cost of $99.00 plus tax plus, the $16.95  shipping fee.  So I went to Wal-mart and bought one approved by the company and no shipping fee.  I just installed it.  I checked around and found them cheaper at staples but not company approved so if any changes came through the line on configuration I would have to replace the modem.  Bit the bullet and bought the company's modem.  Probably $5.00 worth of technology for $107.00.

     My chicken is laying little pullet eggs, so cute and I am so excited.  We were not able to get any chickens at the fair.  But now that she is laying I am sure we can use her as a brood hen next spring.  She is so proud of her self and has become quite a pet.  Before the chickens were just chickens.  But I go out and talk to her and pet her because she is alone.

     I have obviously irritated a blog nazi and I thought people would think that I had shut down.   But not the case.  Miss grouchy pants is right.  My busy life style is self imposed.  It makes me happy.  Well let's tell the truth, not always.  I can get over busy.  But I do enjoy the things I do.  They are important to me. ( like ironing pillow cases:) )  What is important to Judy, or Sluggy or Mysti or Rhitter, may not be important to me, but we each have our own things we do and enjoy and complain about, I just always try to be positive. Everyone is different. I do not write this blog for admiration, although I really admire several of the people with whom I blog.  I write to keep myself accountable.  I write to journal my life.  I also can pull records on my health almost daily for my doctors log.  Realize that I will be disabled by this disease in time and this is an accurate record of my daily struggles and pain.  I can go back and say I was down for 5 months last year with severe RA symptoms.  I had so many colds, infections and reactions.  All this will come in handy when I am going for a disability.  But can you imagine me disabled?  Yeah like that will happen.  Honk, snort.  Anyway I will not justify myself to mean spirited snipes.  In the words of Olympia Dukakis,  "My life ain't crap."

     We picked all the apples and pears from the trees in the backyard and I am drying them.  Tomatoes are coming on strong, so I will be making more sauce this weekend.  I hope to be able to get some more yard work done tomorrow but a big storm is supposed to be coming in tonight.  Maybe it will hold off until tomorrow night.  Cross my fingers.

    The shop is still very busy.  I have been sewing almost non stop and I still have so much to do.  Three wedding dresses came in today.

Out My Window:  Cold, but sunny.  Love it!

Have a great weekend!



  1. Please keep writing! I will keep reading and enjoying. Good idea to keep it as a record.

  2. Apples and pears! If you are too busy, you can send some to me. LOL! My tomatoes didn't do squat this year. It was a bad year for them and my corn. There is always next year. That seems to be my mantra with gardening.

  3. I had to disable the anonymous comments because of nasty people. But in all reality, there were nasty people who still commented. Amazing how none of them have a blog....

    We are going apple picking tomorrow! Will have apple crisp for dessert tomorrow, and make lots of apple sauce.

    1. Pshaw! I read those nasty comments. Drama? THOSE comments were the dramatic ones. Meanwhile, I enjoy reading your blog.

    2. Mysti, I get some of your commenters where nasty. But I have been reading your blog for a long time and honeslty some of the justifications you come up with make me a little nutty. I too was in debt, my husband was not on the same page. I took control of our finances and made it so he couldn't spend willy nilly without consulting me first. It was not easy or fun and it took us 4 years of huge sacrificing and now we have no debt and tons saved plus a huge retirement. I have 2 teenage girls getting ready to go to college and we are in great shape. But it was so HARD. We've been in our house for 12 years and have maintained and replaced major things when needed with cash (roof, windows, garage doors) but nothing cosmetic really. Haven't painted the interior since we moved here. Still have mostly hand-me-down furniture. We just make do because in the end it isn't that my house is freshly decorated and spottless that my family and friends will remember.

      That being said I think you are amazing and just never give up no matter what life throws at you. Same with Kim. You both have such amazing work ethics and spirit that I admire the hell out you. I just wish sometimes for your well being, your sanity and your finances you might make some different choices. But as they say, personal finance is PERSONAL. I don't judge but I think if you all bite the bullet for just one year and cut back on the extras without excuses, your financial picture might be a little dfferent.

      I probably over stepped my bounderies here but since you won't let anon commentors on your sight, I hope you read it here.

      Best of luck!!!


  4. I admire you so much! I hope you know that :)
    We got a ton of apples on our tree too. Now I just need to find time to process them all...