Saturday, September 21, 2013

Saturday, yard work is calling

     I have on my work clothes, my work jeans are tight which means I need the exercise this day is going to bring.    It is a little cool out side so I can work up a sweat. My front yard will be weeded before noon if it kills me.  This may be my last post :(

     Now where did I put my garden gloves?  Will be back with pictures later.  Stay tuned.....



  1. The only "gardening" being done out front at my house is Hubs is picking tomatoes. Have fun!!*

    *said with sarcasm dripping off of the words*

  2. Oh yes mam, I feel you on the too tight jeans!

  3. ok its midnight here....are you still alive??????????? or did the weeds get your?????????????????????????

  4. Okay sweetie... Just remember, stay positive, stay focus, and for goodness' sake - tell those freaking weeds who is the boss!