Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Wednesday, Studio Smiles

      We were overwhelmed by students last night.  I was running around kissing and hugging all of my old students.  I missed them so much.  We have ended up with huge classes of little ones.  We had 42 dancers last night.   I am very excited.  I can't wait to see what happens tonight.  This might be the year I can actually take home some money:)

     I have a huge deposit done and ready to drop off at the bank.  I do need to sit down and pay bills as I did not get that done yesterday.  I am in a happy little daze right now and just want to sit and bask in its glow.  Actually I don't want to get my fat butt up and do anything.

     I think the hardest part about getting out of debt is that you have to work, blah.........

     So here goes the list:  ( I know you have all been waiting for it)

1. Hair, makeup
2. beds, straighten
3. laundry
6.bills, budget
7. sew! sew! sew!
8. studio
9.clean bank

     I will soon be able to see if I can meet my goal for the year which was not to go any deeper into debt and to have made progress on over all debt.  It will be interesting.  I hope I am not disappointed.

Out My Window:  It was cooler yesterday like 88. 

Have a great and productive day!


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  1. "Cooler" at 88 degrees? That's hot around here! (And is it me, or are your side totals blank?)