Friday, September 6, 2013

Friday, groceries, ugh!

     Hubby met me with a list last night when I got home from the studio.  He needed gas and we were out of, mustard, milk, onions,cereal. etc.  So off to the grocery store we go.  $94.63 later we have what we need.  I hope this is for at least two weeks.  We might have to get more milk.  I also spent $47.52 on gas.   So there goes everything I made this week in the shop.

     I was able to pay a few more bills yesterday.  Just keeping it going is the hard part.  I have to teach again tonight.  I am tired.  Celtic enrollment is way down, but other classes are way up.  So it equals out.  I still have huge classes so I am satisfied.  I never want the studio to turn into a money issue.  I just want it to pay for itself.  I don't want greed.  It is quality over quantity. I am excited to see where the numbers are by the end of the month.

     I will be adding totals to the side bar as they come in this month and will then cross them out so you and I can see how much I have paid off.  You will notice I do not have the CC debt over there.  Well let's say it is too ugly right now and I am trying to see if I can just get back to where I was last January.  I think I can but boy is it tough.

     Looking forward to Saturday where I have nothing to do!

Out My Window:  Cooler, finally! When is that chicken going to start to lay?

Have a great and productive day!



  1. Every time I do bills, I get a little bit of anxiety... I know exactly where the drain is, but how do you get that person to move out?? :\

  2. Is your chicken lonely? I think you lost a few a couple weeks ago, was not sure if you replaced them. Maybe she needs companionship and she will get back to normal.

  3. Don’t feel bad about it. Paying bills can be draining, but we should be thankful for that. It could only mean that we have reasons to get up every morning and work hard.