Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Tuesday, blah.....

     Woke up with the blahs.....

    Have you ever woke up with the blahs?  It is not depression just a malaise of not even trying to figure out where you stand or what you are going to do with the day?  I mean I know I have to teach and clean the bank, but no one will make me get anything done around the house, or the shop, or the finances.  I can just blah...(my head sinks to the computer).

     Should I put on some music?  No I have to listen to music when I get to the studio.  Should I set a timer?  This sometimes gets me going, but that would mean I have to get up and go upstairs, I think that is more than I can handle right now. :) ( head sinking again)

     I have been having trouble sleeping and have not been getting to bed before 2 or 3 in the morning.  Then I have to be up by 7:30 or 8 and that is just not enough sleep for me.  This has been going on for about 5 days and that could be contributing to the blahs.  I know my body well enough to realize that eventually I will kick back into a normal rhythm.  I need to be asleep by midnight at the latest to feel my best.  I am sure that getting used to teaching and having my evenings taken up has caused this time flux.  I come home and still think I have several hours to putz and I don't.

       Yesterday, I cleaned the family room and the shop and did several loads of laundry.  Just need to dry the last load and put it away.  I thawed out a lb of burger, and some chicken breasts and bacon.  Hubby had blt's for dinner last night and lunch today, so I do need to figure out what to do with that thawed meat. Trying so hard to care right now... (pause to care....) sorry just can't make it happen.

     It actually got down to 85 yesterday and today it is supposed to be in the 70's.  That should make me have all kinds of energy.  I actually just went and put on a light jacket.  This last two weeks of extremely hot weather has everyone in town a little put off.

     So now that I don't have the excuse it is just too hot, I had better get my butt in gear.  I will make a list and set my timer upstairs and get busy.  Here goes!

In order of importance:

1. Brush teeth          (Anything in red was done in the first fifteen minutes)
2.fix hair (the Chewbaka look is out)
3. a little makeup wouldn't hurt the world, (or my face)
4. make bed
5. straighten room
6. get deposit ready for studio
7. transfer last load of laundry from wash to dryer so it is dry when I get home.
8. go to personal credit union and deposit
9. go to studio credit union and deposit
10. fold, and hang dryer laundry  
11.Put laundry away
12. Clean and straighten guest room and bath
13. Make a bean hot dish with burger and figure out what to do with chicken
14. finish cleaning downstairs guest bath
15. change sheets in downstairs guest room and dust and straighten
16. re straighten the family room 
17. sew a little or a lot!                     Blue means it was done by 1:30
18. teach
19. clean bank
20.  get to bed by 11:00 if possible!

     Now this looks like a formidable list but many of these things will only take a few minutes.  I will set my timer for 15 minute increments and see how far I get.  I will come back and update you with times because I know all of you are just waiting and checking my blog to see what I get done because you have nothing else to do, am I right ?:)

     Pretty pathetic when I have to have imaginary people checking my progress to stay motivated.

What kind of things do you guys do to fight the blahs and stay motivated?  

Have a great and productive day!


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  1. Yes, I get the Blah days more than I care to admit and I get that much sleep on a daily basis.

    Usually, I do nothing about the blah days and wait for it to pass. Bare minimal - which sometimes is a lot, but just enough is fine. No major projects, no over thinking, just the have-to's.

    However, with everything on your plate, you cannot afford that. You did a good thing - setting a timer. It would drive me a little batty, so I think of it as - just this one thing - one thing at a time. Then I move on.

    Hope you get to bed when you want - you deserve a good night of sleep.