Friday, September 13, 2013

Friday,sewing, sewing, sewing

     I don't have to teach tonight!  Yippee!  But I do have auditions tomorrow.  Just the idea of sewing all day and then going to the studio to teach tonight makes me tired before I start my day.

     I paid the house payment yesterday, my car is full of gas, Hubby is commuting again so that will save.  We have plenty of groceries and I have $160.00 in restaurant cards so we will be fine.

I was hoping to pay a good chunk to debt this month, but I used so much money playing catch up from August that I know now that will not happen.  It is okay next month will be better.  I can say this.  I have not used a CC this month at all which is nice.

     I have 5 dresses waiting for me in the shop.  I need to go to Jo-Ann's and get a few things before I start sewing.  I might run to Wal-Mart as it will be cheaper.  I need velcro, and elastic.  Then I will sew away for my lawn mower.  It is easier for me to have a goal.  Keeps me motivated.

     I have discovered it is much less expensive to keep B in an apartment instead of the Sorority.  They had all these figures about how it was less to live on campus and to have meals provided.  Also no utilities an place to do laundry, but this is not the case at all.  I think we are saving at least $200.00 a month.  We will see what that brings at the end of the year.

     B is still insisting on driving 90 miles to work and back on Saturdays.  She does make about $70.00 in tips plus her wage covers her gas and then some, but I hate to have her driving when the weather gets bad.  So she will put in a two weeks notice.  She also has a work study job most graduate students would kill for.  I guess it is hard to get students who do not have traffic violations or DUI's.  B can drive a clutch truck and even knows how to clutch a tractor as she did it for me a couple of summers when she was 9 and 10.  She would stay on the tractor and read a book , when I needed the tractor forward she would clutch it out and roll then put on the brakes.  This kept me from having to climb up and down for hours.  Of course we did not let her driver it to and from the fields.  But she just grew up in a family where planting was part of the life style. So she will work in Agriculture research.  She is a micro biology major so maybe this will lead to a career.

     I had better get busy.  Need to clean up and get my errands done so I can get to work.

Have a great and productive day!



  1. Can she find another part-time job closer to home? Have a very productive day, my friend :)

  2. Hi Kim,

    You are one busy lady! Sewing is a talent I was not gifted with. I admire those who have the patience to sew.

    Lisa @ Cents To Save