Thursday, November 12, 2015

Thursday, have you noticed?

    Have you noticed we are into the third month of the the dance year and I am not complaining about tuition and parents?  Have you noticed?  Have you?  Well because I haven't!  Has the problem gone away?  Well not exactly.  But my good buddy has been picking up all the checks and making the deposits.  At the beginning of the year we made changes to the tuition structure not so much in raising tuition but in allowing parents to pay 1/2 a year or a full year at a discount. Also they are required to pay an additional charge per child for recital fees on a monthly basis.This makes cash flow and ordering and paying for things like the upcoming show easier.  It also gives us a slush fund.  I am not irritated by slow payers and let me tell you they are there and always the same people.  That does not change, but I don't have to be stressed or irritated.  Or I don't have to be stressed or irritated as much, Hows that?  Pretty nice if you ask me.

     Mom's eye appointment took about 3 hours out of my day.  But I took work with me and sat in the lobby and sewed and completed a tux jacket and another jacket.  Then I looked down and saw a hole in the upholstery of the bench I was sitting on so I also rewove and sewed that up.  Could you please take that off my bill?  Or my Mom's bill?

     I am getting behind, behind, behind...... I will figure this out. My younger sister kept me up last night until 1 a.m. talking and then mom of course could not stand that I was talking to her so she was up when I finally went to bed calling out in this little helpless voice, "kim"   So then I had to get her asleep and we laughed like a couple of school girls.  Okay Sis this is too much, just telling you. Call me.

     I have a hell of a day ahead of me so I had better get to work.

Have a great and productive day.



  1. So happy your billing woes are so much less now!
    I so understand your life with your mom. Mom does not live with us, but she is only 2 minutes away. I spend a lot of my day doing whatever emergency she needs taken care of. (Did you know fallen leaves after a storm constitute an emergency?)

    1. Yes so does her needle being threaded, finding her cell phone and getting her meds from upstairs when she is downstairs.