Monday, November 9, 2015

Monday,expensive weekend, Hub's in dog house.

     Saturday was my last full day to spend in the yard a Nutcracker season is upon us.   I woke with a really bad headache but was able to get it under control with Excedrin.

Started Yard work at 11:00 with me cleaning out the garden which is no easy task mind you.  Hub's had to clean the church that morning and then I sent him for a hair cut.  He of course went to the drunk female barber that no one else goes to because he would not have to wait.  She did a lousy job which he tried to fix and did a worse job.  So I will have to look at this mess for about 2 weeks.

     We continued to work on the yard and at 3:30 took a load to the dump.  Hubs was nice and clean and I looked like I had swam in a swamp.  You all know that cute picture of Mavis Butterflied in her overalls?  Well imagine that covered in mud and hair sticking out like a witch and you have me.I mad Hubs promise to come back and reload the truck for me as he under loads it so he does not have to get the work done and I WANT IT DONE!!!!!!!!

     He is backing the truck into the driveway and takes out the side mirror on my moms car and the whole side of the pick-up.  About an $1800 boo-boo.  I could not believe it.  I did not say a word.  But we all know who will have to pay for this and it most certainly will not have to be him.  I will just work harder and do without something.  He will not work harder or wait for anything.

     We took off Sunday at noon to pick up mom.  We arrived at almost the same time and on our way home I drove and Hub's was awful.  At his worst.  Giving backseat directions, yelling because I stopped  30 miles earlier to go to the bathroom. Screaming when I did not pass when he wanted me to.  My mom asked him if someone was waiting for him at the house. I was a nervous wreck and my mom finally yelled at him. He shut up.  I don't know what his problem was.  Still don't.

     We got home about 5:30. Daughter #2 was home for a few days and she went right in a laid down as she is still sick with her pregnancy. I unpacked mom and started dinner.  We had a big ham, new potatoes, and squash from the garden.  I also made corn bread.  After we ate and I was clearing up, Daughter #2 complained that it was very cold in the upstairs bedroom as the window was open and cold air was pouring in.  I told her to ask her dad to shut the window.  I had asked and told him several times that we had turned the furnace on and this window needed to be shut.  Now remember I cannot do this or I would do it myself.  But because daughter was cold he went in room and tried to do it and of course had to go outside and do it from there like we or he does every year.  Then when he came inside he tries to defend himself in front of mom like I had never asked him which is bull sh*&.  I tell him that the bathroom window is also opened and needs to be close from the outside.  He sighs and goes out to close it.  Then comes in and says I kid you not," Now that is the last thing I am going to do today, I'm not going to go down a whole long list of honey do projects for you, What have you done today?  Well let me see when we got home you slept on the couch for two hours and I cooked dinner and did all the dishes.without a dishwasher as we can't get one because I never have any money to improve anything in the house as I spend it fixing stupid mistakes made by ?  I thought my mom was going to croak when he asked what I had done today.  Is this guy just plain stupid?

     Needless to say I am at a loss for words. 

Any advice on this situation and remember death is an option.



  1. The trip to Sonya's last month and I am now down to 6 DAYS together before I want to kill Hubs. I think when our Hubs retire we need to move in together and let them move in together. It's the only way this retirement stuff will work! ;-)

  2. OH that makes me so sad to hear someone treated poorly. Sounds like you work so hard. May I ask, does be working? You noted you'd have to pay for the broken mirror?

  3. Sometimes when people do something stupid like the car incident, they have to jump on the other person just to prove the other person is not perfect. However, it does not work that way. My ex would come in and lie down for a nap after we went anywhere, and I dealt with kids, laundry and meals. Since I did most or half the driving, he had not been put upon. But, he was tired. I only deal with exbf one day a week and feel the need to kill him before the day is over.

    Instead of putting up with his foolishness or having a running argument, I would have one big come-to-Jesus meeting with him and repeat what he said and did. I would point out his bad behavior and especially his unreasonableness. I always ask a guy why he is being so emotional. That leaves them stuttering because somehow they feel like you are calling them a girl. Soooo?

    Monday, I asked exbf if he got any cans of food. He got defensive and said he did not see any. He would not say yes or no, just kept repeating the same thing, trying to cover up a perceived fault I was finding. NO, I just asked a simple question. So, we had an argument over his continual avoidance of answering. I had only had two hours sleep, so there was no way he would quit talking. He knew he would not win this, but he just would not shut up. If we were married, I would definitely have to kill him.