Thursday, November 5, 2015

Thursday, feeling blessed.

       Daughter #3 who will graduate from college with a double major in Chemistry and Micro-biology on December 12th, just landed another job with her University.  It will be an additional 10-15 hours a week.  This will put her working 20-25 hours a week for two professors.  She can put in her notice at the gas station where she works, which I hate.  I do not like her working at an all night gas station convenience mart right on the highway.  The pay is terrible, her co-workers are sometimes worse.  Her boss loves her as he should, she is responsible, smart and hey she can follow directions.  Anyway this job will go into full time with benefits which is what she needs.  It also allows her time to study for entrance exams and really get insight into what she wants to do, plus great experience.  It solves our dilemma about insurance for her as she will be off ours in January. She can walk to and from work.  When she needs to use her car she will have a parking permit.

     Daughter #2 will be here this weekend and she is picking up the huge Swedish trunk that is blocking the downstairs fireplace.  Yeah let's get something out of this house.  Maybe I can get her to take more of her junk?  She is married now time to grow up and take yo stuff.

   I have to say I have been a little bored this week and it has been wonderful.  I have nothing really pressing except to get the choreography done for the battle scene in the Nutcracker.  It's not that there are not a thousand things to do for the next performance it is just that nothing is pressing.  Well I did just nag the poster guy.  As in "Where is my poster?"  This is the last free Saturday I have before Nutcracker. I should be a little more anxious. Don't worry I will get there.  Maybe I needed this week without mom here and no real deadlines.  I don't get this very often.

     Mom called yesterday and we are picking her up on Sunday.  I was to originally go next Monday but this way Hub's can drive with and it is better for me.  Then mom will fly out to my younger sister's house on the 17th?  So the real prep weeks of Nutcracker she will not be here.

     I was able to get quite a bit done in the shop yesterday.  I also was able to get a good portion of the dream scene done at the studio.  Tonight Hub's and I have a 85th birthday celebration, it is for a client and it will be nice.  I will have to leave the studio early so it cuts into my time.  I gave the kids so much yesterday that I figure it is better to let that jell before I stuff more into their brains.

     I need to do payroll when I get to the studio.

     So today is putzing around the house.  A little cleaning, a little laundry, a little sewing, a little bookkeeping, no yard work.  I also did not get out into the yard yesterday.  It was sunny but very cold and windy.  I can handle the cold just not the wind.

     I am sitting here with a wet head so I am going to find Mr. blow dryer.

Have a great and productive day!



  1. It is 80 and sunny here, too warm for comfort when the ac is not working!

  2. Congrats to your daughter and her new job!
    I don't dare give my kids memory boxes to them yet. My oldest would just throw it all away. I'll wait until he's a little older and more sentimental...