Friday, November 6, 2015

Friday, My last weekend of freedom.

     Yesterday I was able to get many small things done.  Payroll and sewing and housework.  I am hoping to be able to really work in the yard on Saturday.
    Last night we had a dinner party for a good friend.  I didn't dare miss it, but I had to leave class early and I know the little buggers did not get anything done.  I just have to be there.  This is the most frustrating part of owning the studio.I cannot replace me.  Fortunately I love my students and I can get really good results out of them.  It might take a beating or two.:)

     I bed hopped last night as I was having trouble sleeping.  So I have three beds to straighten this morning.  I have several sewing projects to finish today.

     I am stopping into the studio at 4 to check on classes and then Hub's has a gig at a festival at the Methodist church so I will go there for the evening.

     On the way home from the party I stopped by a store that had soda on sale and as always I go through the meat department.  I picked up 4 packages of bratwurst marked to 1.99 and a huge sliced spiral ham for 1.99 lb.  It is gorgeous.  So we will be hamming it up here for a while so to speak.  I love those bargains.  Any readers want some ham?  Come to my house.

     Got a confirm on the posters so I hope they go to print by Monday at the latest.  The agony is in the details.  If you know what I mean.

Have a great and productive day!

Oh by the way Sluggy has a great give away, so check it out.  Wonderful stocking stuffer material.



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  2. I can hardly believe it's Nutcracker season once again!! Where does the time go?
    PS - you're such a ham!!