Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Tuesday, I do believe that this is a PF blog?

     I realize that over all this is a personal Finance blog.  A group of bloggers that get together and admire each others ability to save money and eventually treat it with the respect it deserves.  Kind of like a support group of sorts and blogging has been great for helping sort out the financial end of my world. Really it has evolved into friendships and a diary and a place to write and unload.  Mostly a place to unload and keep track of said life.  Not so much financial, maybe I am wrong.  Anyway here I ramble.....

     So since my big payoff at the end of September I have only been able to get the house payment and regular bills paid.  This is mostly due to the Wedding which was expensive.  I have dropped my total debt owing on the house and over all by about $2000.00 and I am hoping that this will go faster next year.  I am in the 70's now and was so excited to finally pass Sarah but again she snuck in and ( yes snuck is a word) and she is still BELOW me.  Oh revenge will be so sweet when I blast past her.  See I always have to brag every time I update and make progress no matter how small,she just humbly tosses in her coins.  Well we will see about that.  Anyway for those of you who want to celebrate with us we are making progress.

     Yesterday I sewed like a woman on fire between coughing and sneezing.  My ballet Mistress was busy getting Nutcracker things done.  We worked out props and different costumes. I ran to the studio with her and pulled all the soldier costumes which need love.  So I am soaking and washing shirts and she is redoing the sparkles on hats.  I have another father repainting the guns.  She was here with me all day into the evening working on things and we still have a ways to go.

     Hub's came home last night and went right to bed without eating as he was feverish.  He has the same crud I have.  His fever broke about 10 p.m. and he got up for work this morning.  I am hoping he is in good enough shape to go out and do a little Thanksgiving shopping.  I am so glad I have almost everything and the pie shells and pumpkin are already frozen.  So I can quickly stuff a turkey and all I will have to do is make the pies tomorrow and get the rolls made on Thursday.  One of the things about cooking mostly from scratch is that a Thanksgiving dinner is nothing.  This was we can send left overs home with our guests (one of my older sets of sewing clients) We will also have sandwich fixings for the weekend.

     Well I had better get busy as I have a ton of laundry to  put away and more sewing to do.

Have a great and productive day!





  1. Nutcracker!!! Awesome...
    Get sewing woman!!!

  2. You are making wonderful progress. Keep it up!

  3. I love watching the race between you and Sarah knowing that you'll both be happy no matter who gets to zero first! Before I retired my focus was on saving and paying off debt; now that I am retired the focus is more on living on a tight budget, travel and day to day life. I think our blogs evolve to be whatever we need them to be. Who doesn't need a good rant once in a while?!