Monday, November 23, 2015

Monday, so what about Thanksgiving?

   I finally have my kids nailed down on Thanksgiving.  D#2 and husband will come down and then youngest the next day.   Let's see youngest turns 23 on Saturday, which makes me officially OLD. So do I cook or is it Chinese food? Hmmmm....

     I have to sew all day and then sneeze and cough all day.  My plan is to get everything in the shop done and then concentrate on Nutcracker things.  Thank goodness the housekeeper is coming on Wednesday that way I don't have to fuss about the upstairs.

     I did manage to make a quiche yesterday as I had frozen ham, and pie crusts in the freezer.  We have tons of eggs, and some fresh spinach.  Voila large quiche, enough for today.  Thawed out some burger for tomorrow and besides Thanksgiving that is as far as I am going to think.

     My head is stuffy, but at least my nose quit dripping constantly, I am still chilled and I had a bad night with sweats, which reminds me to go take my meds.  Okay done.

     Now I am going to tackles the laundry and get into my shop with my Kleenex and space heater.  I am cold.

Have a great and productive day!


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